Tools for Easily Checking Keyword Rankings of a Website on Google

Did you know that every second there are 70 thousand searches made through Google? And most websites get visitors from search results on Google. Of course, this makes the position / ranking of articles in Google search results very important to note.

If you want to know how to check website ranking on Google, this is a suitable article for you to read to completion. Because most new users check manually by searching for the position of the article through a search engine. Though that method does not necessarily get accurate results on targeted keywords (keywords).

In this article, I will review several ways that can be done easily to check the ranking of the website on Google and make sure the article gets ranked according to the desired keywords.

Why You Should Check Keyword Rankings of a Website on Google?

The purpose of making articles on most blogs / websites is to get a lot of traffic. The trick is to target one of the keywords (keywords) and appear on (at a minimum) page one Google search results. Articles or web pages with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance will usually occupy the top position.

Of course it’s not easy to get first place in the search results. Especially when the targeted keywords have quite heavy competitors. However, that does not mean it is impossible to do.

The first step is to check the ranking of the website on Google. This step is to ensure the final position of the article or website in the search results. This checking process aims to monitor how the performance of SEO in articles / websites. If you don’t get a good ranking, you must do a few steps to improve the performance of the SEO that works on the website page.

Manually checking can skip some important information that you can use to improve SEO ranking and increase traffic.

Therefore, here are some applications that you can use to maximize the process of checking website rankings on Google.

List of Applications to Check Keyword Rankings of a Website on Google

At present there are many applications (tools) that serve to check the ranking of websites on Google. There are paid applications, some are free.
First, we will discuss the free first.


check the keyword rankings of the website with SERPRobot

SERPRobot is a website that provides SERP analysis services. In the initial development, this website uses You can use this website to monitor the movement of targeted content and keywords. The features provided are checking website ranking to get accurate results.

You can choose specific target countries or locations. Besides that, you can also see the ranking of more than 10 keywords directly and SERBLab will check what you want.

So, why don’t you check the ranking of the website on Google now? Use this website and improve the performance of your website on search engines.

b. What’s My SERP

check the keyword rankings of the website with whatsmyserp

The second tool is What’s My SERP . You can use this application to check website rankings on Google search engines. You can enter more than 10 keywords simultaneously to see their ranking.

Just enter the domain that you manage, then enter some targeted keywords, then execute. The system will automatically search and analyze the position of the website on the keywords that have been entered earlier. In addition, users can also analyze ratings based on the targeted country.

c. SERPChecker

check the keyword rankings of the website with SERPChecker

Compared to a number of other free applications, SERPChecker is an application that provides complete and certainly free ranking check information. However, the use of this application is limited. Only allows registered users to search 5 times a day.

The search process is done by entering one of the keywords. Then the locations and devices that are targeted. You can also compare with competitors. Then do an analysis of the SERP feature in the search results on Google Search.

d. Google Search Console

check the keyword rankings of the website with Google Search Console

Google Search Console or commonly called Google Webmasters Tools is a collection of tools offered by Google to help webmasters improve their websites so they can perform well in search engines.

You can also see the website’s performance on search results, impressions, and the number of clicks, ratings and much more. This application also allows you to add XML sitemaps which can help Google to recognize your website well.

You can directly enter the Google Search Console page to be able to directly use it using Gmail email. However, before you use this application an HTML file that is uploaded to the website is required and then verify.

check the keyword rankings of the website with Google Search Console - verification step

The tools provided for free above do have some limitations, so sometimes they don’t provide complete information. But by knowing the functions that are in it, of course the use can be maximized.

In addition to free applications, there are several paid applications that you can try to check the ranking of websites on Google. This paid application is usually used by companies and bloggers who have a large community to manage and analyze their website’s SEO performance.

Here are some paid applications to check website rankings on Google.

e. Ahrefs

check the keyword rankings of the website with Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another popular SEO application used by professional marketers. This application offers an easy-to-understand interface and the information contained in it is understandable even though it is used by new users.

The analysis process can be done simply. Just enter your domain in the search box, and Ahrefs will automatically do the analysis and then bring up information related to the performance and quality of the website using interesting charts and graphs.

You can find the keyword ranking under the organic keyword report section. You can see the amount of search volume, keyword ranking position, keyword density, and much more.

f. SEMRush

check the keyword rankings of the website with SEMRush

SEMRush is one of the tools to do SEO research and popular keywords. This is a collection of several SEO analysis features that you can use.

Similar to Ahrefs, SEMRush has many functions to examine how SEO performance from a website. This tool can also display keyword rankings from various websites with various other information. Of course, you can use this tool for marketing methods so that your website can appear in the first rank of search results.

In addition, SEMrush also has several features to compare your site with several other sites. Including estimates of income from other sites, traffic, keywords used by marketing, and other useful information.


There are many applications that can be used to check website ranking checks on Google. You can choose one: there is also a choice of free and paid applications. Although paid applications have many features and display more detailed information, we recommend that you keep adjusting to your needs.

We hope this article can help you to ensure that your website pages and articles are ranked according to your keywords.

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