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Unknown Route in Mystic Messenger – Character guide and tips

Mystic Messenger unknown routes

Do you want to know everything about this Stranger? Well, the Unknown route in Mystic Messenger continues with us.

We do not want to make you spoilers but if you are determined to follow the Unknown route in Mystic Messenger then you can follow our article because it is. that is to say, we will give you all the clues so that you get both the final bad to complete the photo gallery and the good endings.

However, to avoid telling you important things in the story, we will leave everything with generic advice and recommendations that will help you make the right decisions based on the final path you want to reach. This unknown is really mysterious, right? Keep reading this great guide to discover how to unlock all the photographs and the ending of Unknown

Unknown route in Mystic Messenger – General tips for this route

As general advice we tell you that you have to get many hearts from Ray, that is, the magentas, and inhabit get the hearts of V (the blues). You have to flirt and be very kind all the time with Ray. Your level of fandom should be so high to disparage the rest of the people you talk to in the chat whenever Ray is present.

Be careful with that to despise, because you do not have to treat other people in the chat as if they were simply robots or artificial intelligence point is the key to get the secrets to V and Seven. And when you take it out, you always have to doubt what you say V. Keep this situation and everything around you in complete secrecy and never mention the fact that you are in a game developer or Ray.

Unknown route in Mystic Messenger – How to avoid bad endings

To avoid the final bad 1, that is from days 5 to 6, you have to talk in the chat but never press too much on anyone. Encourage the RFA and Ray to take small breaks from time to time and always show your moral support for what they do. It is also that you are not too proud of the hacker or compare it to Seven.

It is important that you trust in V and do not speak as if you were a believer, for example, in the matter of recruiting for RFA, about religion or about special deals. Do not suggest at any time to make the prime minister a member of the FRG. It is more if you can suspect much of the prime minister but you do not have to either always put on the side of the hacker the intelligence unit or of Seven. It is better not to ask who would win and try to close the conflict peacefully.

Often you will be given the opportunity to be cruel to Ray but you should not make it point either do not treat him as if he were weak or useless point is more you should always worry about him and be unconditionally kind to step on his peppers instead of forcing him to work and to give the best of himself.

Unknown route in Mystic Messenger


Unknown route in Mystic Messenger – How to avoid the final evil 2, that is, from days 7 to 9

Always stay very positive and worry about Ray’s condition. In addition you must continue trusting in V and continue suspecting the prime minister. You did very well in the previous days so now you can not let Saeran intimidate you or make her your little toy.

Never follow his orders eat especially though he acts like Ray. Nor should you keep secrets of V or RFA. As additional advice, you should blame Rika or record yourself. Is that you continue without speaking as if you were a believer and that you are focused on explaining that you do not agree with Rika’s beliefs in a kind way.

Route of Unknown in Mystic Messenger – How to avoid final 3 of days 9 to 10

Again we recommend that you do not talk as if you were a client but now you should not even work with Rika. Now you should moderate a lot when it comes to talking about Ray because otherwise you will run out of hearts.

You should also worry about Saeran and encourage him to leave the place.

Unknown route in Mystic Messenger – How to avoid at the end of relation 1 and 2, that is from days 6 to 10

To avoid the bad end of relationship you simply have to participate in at least 70% of the chat rooms every day.

With this you have exactly everything you need to do to get the good endings and know everything about our mysterious unknown hacker. If instead you want to get the final bad we recommend that you do exactly the opposite of what we have told you in this guide you can also visit our amazing post about how to get all the endings of all the characters in Mystic Messenger.

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