Vikings War Of Clans – Hacks, Tips, Tricks And Guide For The Beginners

Vikings War of Clans Tricks

We bring you Vikings War Of Clans Hacks – Tips, Tricks And Guide For The Beginners so you don’t miss a game!

We bring you a list of Vikings: War of Clans tricks to help you win in any game. It is true that Vikings: War of Clans looks terribly like other really popular mobile games these days, but the premise is completely different. In this mobile game, you will jump into the world of Vikings where freedom, power, fear and violence reign over anything else.

There are parts of construction and management of the cities, of choice of where to put your palace and you can also take part in war campaigns while your army is growing and you destroy the enemy looking for rewards. It is possible that the huge besti*lity of the game will lose you a little. That’s why our cheat guide will be so good for you.

Vikings War of Clans – Tips to Prioritize and Find Resources

When you start a new game, you should always focus on getting all possible resources and be able to knead a good amount. The game has a way to accelerate the speed in which you can skip waiting for time and get the resources one at a time.

If you do not meet the requirements to build something, you can always click on the “Go to” button to go to the building that you have to improve and update before you can take care of the rest. Continue in this way until you have all the resources and everything will be fine.

Vikings War of Clans Tricks – Go for the Dormant Kingdoms

As in the popular game Clash of Clans, you can have a really good time collecting, attacking and rapping resources and sources of wealth from other realms of players that are no longer active. These are usually kingdoms with some interesting resources but no troops, and you should, by all means, attack them and keep those materials that you lack so much: wood, stone, iron, silver and food.

Vikings War of Clans Tricks – Build Many Farms

You will need many many grankas in this game, and make sure they are always up to date and improved. Keep in mind that the more troops you have, the more food they will consume. This means that you must make sure that they have enough supplies to build and continuously improve the farms.

A good way to improve food reserves is to send your troops on extended missions so that they don’t have to eat from home for some time.

Vikings War of Clans Tips – Don’t Play Missions with Resource Rewards until you need them.

There are a lot of missions in Vikings: War of Clans and it is a good idea to complete as many as possible to be able to mark you more gold, resources and experience. But you don’t have to protect the resource reward missions until you really NEED those resources.

No one will be able to steal your rewards if you leave those reserved missions in your folder, but if you claim the rewards too soon then you will be carnaza of more powerful enemies wanting to attack you.

Vikings War of Clans Tips – Join an Active Clan

We cannot insist more on this point but it is very important that you join a clan as soon as possible, especially if it is a clan with many active players. This will give you huge rewards and advantages against your enemies, especially if you have trustworthy players at your side.

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