Warning: Content Repurposing Can Skyrocket Your Business

OK, I admit the headline is a bit dramatic, but I got your attention didn’t I?
Now, content repurposing, what’s that about?
In 1996, landmark entrepreneur Bill Gates announced to the digital world content is king and an online gold rush began. Now, in the post-Google Panda world, content is still, king but the treasure is a bit tarnished. You’ve got to work a little harder to capitalize on content even if its original/engaging/entertaining.
According to Inc’s State of Small Business edition, It’s a simple concept, but repackaging, repurposing, and recycling content is one of the only ways to make content marketing scalable at no extra cost. The idea is to ensure that every piece of content you create serves multiple purposes and gets re-used at least once or twice.
The basics of repurposing are to take a piece of content a post, a newsletter, a video, a presentation and reshape it into something new. You can then take this new material and use it in various ways. The thing to remember is that you have more than one place to use your material. Once you learn how to do this, you will find you can quickly create new content on the fly.
But keep in mind that when I talk about repurposing content, I don’t intend you go out and rewrite reports and articles. I most certainly don’t intend you submit them to rewriting services or software! What I want to show you is that you can take an existing report and create a new product out of it.
This method does take some time, but it has a lot of benefits, including:
  • Decreasing the time you spend on research,
  • Providing you continuous fresh content,
  • Exposing you to different markets (YouTube fans, Slideshare readers),
  • Saving you money, and
  • Freeing up your time.
So, reusing your content basically means changing its format to a certain degree. A good example of this is to take one article and use it in various ways. To start with, you can just post the article to your main website. You could then dissect the article, take the main points and create new posts for your social accounts.
Other ways to repurpose the same article include using it as a free gift when you send out emails. Or you could use the actual content to create autoresponder messages. How about taking it a step further and condensing a few sentences into Tweets for your Twitter account? You get the point.
Without further ado, here are 7 ideas for content repurposing that will skyrocket your business.

1. Use your blog post as a script

People just love love, love videos. Repurpose a popular blog post, using it as a script for a how to or topical video. You’ll dip into the audience twice.
For example, my How to correct HTML errors on your blog post could easily be turned into a YouTube tutorial (that’s a work in progress 🙂 ). Once I post the video on YouTube, I can use it to create another, shorter, version of the post on my website outlining the most important facts, and embedding the video on the post.

2. Break up a long article or post into two, three or even four smaller posts

If you have a long article or a short report, chop it up into smaller sections and use each section as an individual blog post.
By adding the appropriate graphics, you’ll fatten up your web content and spread the knowledge to a potentially wider audience.
Stuffing one long post with a bunch of keywords is less effective than spreading keywords out over several posts.

3. Pay attention to what your readers like

Is that piece on reducing desktop clutter getting copious shares and likes? Listen to your audience! Dig into the subject and expand on what you’ve written.
This type of repurposing takes some work, but it’s minimal compared to re-creating new articles from fresh topics, as it saves you time to come up with an idea and do your research.

4. Write a Press Release

Maybe you have just released a new product. Why not take one of your articles and use it to form a press release out of it? You are simply going to take the highlights and the main points and turn them into an announcement.
A good press release does not have to be that long, but it should be written in an active voice and be a newsworthy event.

5. Republish in a different channel

The original article was written for second-career entrepreneurs, but the piece is getting plenty of action from retirees too. Consider offering your material in a new channel, like as a guest post on a related blog.

6. Pull related posts and create an e-book

For some, this has been a million dollar idea! It is a great way to easily tap into the publishing waters.
Gather ten to twenty of your best posts on one subject, create a table of contents and present the collection as an e-book. That’s working smarter.
For tips on how to create, format, publish and promote your e-books, read my Kindle articles.

7. Put it on a slideshow

If your idea of a slideshow is a boring PowerPoint presentation, you’ve missed it! Take snippets from your content and use them as a basis for your slideshow.
This is a really simple way to reuse content which you already have. All you are doing is changing the format, adding some images and maybe a voice over and bam, you have fresh content without doing any extra writing.
There it is, 7 ideas to repurpose your content and create new quality material.
I would love to hear your thoughts. Are you using some of these repurposing tactics? Do you like to see your favorite blog post be offered as a YouTube tutorial or a PowerPoint presentation? Share your tips with us.

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