What is dropshipping and how to easily implement it in WordPress?

Dropshipping is a form of entry into the world of electronic commerce that many companies choose because of their low risk. In this article, we explain what this particular concept is, so widespread in recent months, and we explain how you can easily implement dropshipping on a page made with WordPress with the numerous plugins that exist to incorporate this functionality very easily.

While to start in traditional electronic commerce you need a representative stock, usually on a wide catalog of products, with dropshipping you can launch yourself with the opening of your website . In dropshipping, we do not manage neither the warehouse nor the shipments, but it is the wholesaler who has the role of getting the purchases to the final customers.

Obviously, with dropshipping we eliminate many complexities, work and investment that imply starting up an online store;  although, on the other hand, we will have less control over our own business , because if the distributor does not comply with his or her part of the job correctly, we are the ones who have to face it.

Anyway, dropshipping is a reality and we want to explain how you can implement your e-commerce with this modality in a simple way, through WordPress.

Why with WordPress?

WordPress is a simple to use CMS, whose degree of expansion is really high. It often includes, for free, several add-ons that we want to discuss in more detail, as they can be useful for dropshipping in your eCommerce  in a simple way. First of all, are you already familiar with WooCommerce ? If not, you have to know that it is a plugin to convert a WordPress site into an online store. In fact, WooCommerce is one of the plugins par excellence in the WordPress ecosystem and we have talked about it at length and in numerous articles and from different points of view, as you can see in this selection of posts .

Therefore, WooCommerce can serve you both for the products that you have in the warehouse, and for doing dropshipping. Also, if you use WooCommerce, you will be interested in knowing other specific plugins, in order to facilitate the dropshipping process,

Importation of products

One of the most laborious jobs to be done is the import of the product catalog of the wholesalers with whom you work. For this task, there are specific plugins that you can use, with free and paid versions. They work with CSV or XML files, as a source of data, so your wholesaler should offer their catalogs in one of these formats to work properly for you:

In addition to these two plugins that are limited simply to import products, there are others that offer a greater amount of use to do dropshipping in your eCommerce:

  • Dropshix . It is a plugin for WooCommerce , which facilitates many tasks of dropshipping, not only those related to importing products, such as the purchase of products, the tracking of shipments, etc. It works with the AliExpress and Amazon US catalogs, although they are preparing the updates to be able to import also from Banggood and Ejual.ID.

dropshipping dropshix plugin

  • AliDropship.  It is another plugin to do dropshipping on WordPress, although really this time it is a payment plugin. However, its strength lies in the simplicity with which you can do dropshipping of products sold with AliExpress, as it is responsible for creating the entire process of electronic commerce.
  • YouDroop WooCommerce Dropshipping . This plugin works with YouDrop, a provider of products that can be shipped with dropshipping. You can choose from the catalog of a large number of suppliers and import the items that you like the most.

Dropshipping Youdrop plugin

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