What is WordPress? Understanding WordPress and its benefits

If you want to create a website, there are various ways and platforms that you can use. There is a manual method using HTML coding. There is also an easier way, namely using a CMS or Content Management System .

CMS makes it easy for you to create a website without the need to understand coding. There are various CMSs for creating websites and WordPress is one of them.

In this article, I will discuss the notion of WordPress, the benefits of WordPress, the type of WordPress, and the reason why you should use WordPress.

Understanding WordPress

What is WordPress? WordPress is a website creation platform created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003. Starting from the closing of blogging software named B2 / Cafeblog, Matt and Mike as B2B / cafeblog users, initiated the creation of similar software.

In 2004, the two programmers successfully released WordPress 1.0 with basic functions such as modified b2 / cafeblog owned. Since then WordPress travel has begun to become the most popular CMS in the whole world.

What’s interesting about WordPress is software that is open source. This means that WordPress can be used for free and free to be modified by anyone. In addition, WordPress provides a plugin that makes it easy for users to add features on the website with just one click.

WordPress is the most popular CMS

Easy way to use, complete features, and of course free to make WordPress as a favorite website creation in the whole world. WordPress is the platform behind making  30 percent of websites  worldwide and making it the most popular among other CMS.

WordPress is proof that free software does not necessarily produce cheap and low quality websites. The proof is that WordPress is used by various large companies.  Some of them are SONY Music, Microsoft News Center, Bata, The Walt Disney Company, The New York Times Company, Mercedes-Benz, and many more.

World celebrities also use WordPress to create their personal websites, such as Katy Perry, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, The Rolling Stone, and Usain Bolt.

The examples above also show that WordPress has been trusted to create high-quality websites throughout the world. Maybe you are the next WordPress user. In the next point I will discuss the reasons WordPress is the best website creation platform for you.

Why Use WordPress?

1. Friendly for Beginners and Experts

WordPress’s first advantage is its ease so that it can be used by anyone, from people who are already programming experts and ordinary people. You don’t need to be a programming expert and can create a professional website using WordPress.

2. Large Community

As mentioned earlier, 30 percent of websites in the world are made using WordPress. This number also makes WordPress the largest market share holder in the website maker platform worldwide.

WordPress users also create discussion forums to share the latest insights and knowledge about how to create a website with WordPress and its optimization. The discussion forum was held both online and offline. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with websites and WordPress, there is no need to worry because you can learn from discussion forums that teach WordPress tutorials.

3. Many Tutorials available

Not only discussion forums, you can also learn how to create a website with WordPress and operate it with WordPress tutorials that are spread on the internet. You can learn by reading articles on WordPress tutorials, video tutorials or video tutorials.

4. Abundant plugin

In addition to the abundant WordPress tutorials, WordPress plugins are also abundant.

Do you want to optimize website SEO? There is a Yoast SEO plugin.

Want to add social media profiles and social media share buttons? You can use One Signal and other best wordpress social media plugins.

WordPress provides thousands of plugins to make it easier for you to manage and add features to your website. These advantages are rarely found on other platforms. In addition, many plugins provide a free version! You don’t need to spend extra money on the best features of WordPress.

5. Diverse themes

Not only are there lots of WordPress tutorials and plugins, even WordPress themes are equally abundant. Many developers have released WordPress themes both paid and free. Free WordPress themes are no less good than paid themes.

WordPress type

Already sure enough to use WordPress to create a website? Well, then there is one more thing you need to understand, namely two types of WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Why is this so important? Because both have different specifications so the resulting website is also different.

Simply put, WordPress.com is a free version and the WordPress.org version is “paid.” Loh said it’s free? WordPress software is indeed free. The cost that you spend is not to buy WordPress software, but to rent WordPress hosting and domain.

You really don’t need to pay anything at all for WordPress.com, but with the terms and conditions of WordPress. There is a thing as free lunch . What are the consequences of using WordPress.com for free?

From the default domain extension (www.freewebsite.wordpress.com) , disk space capacity is limited, theme choices are limited, can’t install plugins, can’t create online stores, and can’t advertise.

Unlike WordPress.org which gives you more freedom of modification than WordPress.com. You can install plugins, abundant theme choices, can make online shops, and can make money through AdSense ads.

Benefits of WordPress

At the beginning of its appearance, WordPress is better known as a blogging platform. However, in its development WordPress is increasingly sophisticated. What websites can you make using WordPress? Here’s the explanation:

1. Personal Blogs and Websites

Yes, you can create a blog using WordPress, either WordPress.com or WordPress.org. Of course with the consequences as mentioned above. You can use WordPress.com first to experiment. If you are already familiar with how to use it and start needing more features, you can migrate to WordPress.org.

2. Company Website

Besides blogs, you can also create a company website using WordPress. Websites are useful for building your company’s credibility in cyberspace. This applies both to companies whose transactions are carried out online or offline.

According to the research, 84 percent of consumers trust businesses that have websites rather than businesses that have social media pages. Having your website can make consumers trust your company more than any other company in the same business.

3. Online Store Website

In the previous point it was mentioned that WordPress.com cannot be used to create an online store. In order to be able to create an online store, you must use WordPress.org. After that you can install the WooCommerce plugin to create an online store website.

WooCommerce allows you to create a complete online store website, from product display to payment. WooCommerce has been downloaded 53 million times and is the most popular online shop plugin in the world. On its official page, WooCommerce claims 28 percent of online stores in the world are made using WooCommerce.


WordPress is the best solution for creating websites for both ordinary people and developers. You can create websites quickly, easily, and without the need to have coding knowledge. You also don’t need to worry even though you have never used WordPress at all before. There are many tutorials and guides for creating websites with WordPress and how to optimize them.

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