WordPress is slow, what am I doing wrong?

Is WordPress slow? There are several factors that interfere with platform performance. Stay tuned for details and abuse the test tools.

What to do when WordPress is slow ? Yes, even as a WP advocate, I recognize that in some situations a WordPress installation may be slow. This is the focus of this article, identify what can slow WordPress and point out some possible solutions.

Identifying if WordPress is slow

To know if the cake is roasted, a fork should be placed in it. This analogy is quite simple, I’m not saying to pitch the fork in WP, I’m saying that to be sure of the performance of the platform you should test it. For this there is Google PageSpeed and a lot of other tools that test the performance  and offer a general report showing if your WordPress is slow or not.

Possible bottlenecks

There are several factors that can interfere with the performance of your platform , simple things that in general would be imperceptible , but we must be careful.

Uncompressed HTTP

It does not seem to make a difference, but HTTP compression reduces resource download time by improving page load time.

Server slow response

The user’s browser request time to the server and back cannot exceed 200ms . If this is happening, it may be time to think about swapping your wordpress hosting service.


Redirects are like new routes to get to the same place, they leave the user waiting because they increase the latency time.

Heavy Images

Giving that good wipe in the images of your site generate, in addition to greater speed, savings for your site. After all, each byte placed on a server has a price.

More resources, more time

speed up wordpress siteSpeaking of wiping, take advantage of the fact that you’re optimizing your images and also optimize your HTML, CSS and JavaScript usage . Unnecessary or unused installations must be removed at all costs, besides weighing the speed of the platform as a whole, they can also affect the safety of the platform .

Unnecessary content for loading

Give priority to the visible content exponentially reduces sending data thereby improving server response speed.

Asynchronous scripts exist to be used

Downloading the script in the background improves processing time.


You need to understand how the installation and the platform work so you can see an improvement in performance. In addition to all the factors presented here, there are themes, plugins and the like that weigh heavily on the site’s rendering. So it’s so important to test, and since you have to test, do not forget the backup.

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