WordPress projects: services and products for support and maintenance

WordPress, a content management platform, has been on the market for more than a decade with a successful open source model that supports it.

Web platforms arise at all times with varied business models, market niches and focus of action.

Anticipating innovation is getting ahead, but the choice needs to be well made and grounded.

WordPress has been on the market for over a decade with a successful open source model.

Conquering more than 30% market share and 59% market share among competing platforms is an incredible feat. Even more amazing is the ecosystem, or to go further, the WordPress economy.

They are diverse models of action and countless businesses focused on their environment.

The varied businesses around the world are developing WordPress-based websites by companies and independent professionals, support and maintenance services, technical and business consulting for better decision making, hosting of sites specialized in the platform, content, targeted events, training , among others.


As time went on, the service – which started targeted at blogging – evolved into a CMS and was set to become a web application platform.

Incredibly, it gets more and more new, bold and innovative, adapting itself to the current time to add modern and current technologies.

This evolution benefits the entire ecosystem, beginning with its continued conquest of sympathy, respect and admiration. With respect to the development of add-ons for its core, which allows integration and free conversation between other platforms / services to companies and professionals who collaborate, evangelize and systematically study to share knowledge.

Companies and professionals are increasingly specializing to offer their customers innovative quality services.

The environment created around WordPress allows companies more freedom with suppliers, which brings security, freedom and, mainly, respect and dedication to the customer that contracts products and services.


The customer needs to be free, have choice and feel in charge.

Supplier companies face the challenge of shaping their business models in order to retain the customer base through quality, good service and specialization. The challenge is great.

With the increasing popularity and adoption of the platform worldwide, the number of customers to be won has been exponential and its fragmentation is challenging, since we have from professionals to multinationals. What usually distinguish them and classify them are their projects, demands and investment possibilities.

Developing the WordPress web design of these clients is the first stage. What excites me is that many customers are already designing their business with the platform in mind and it is required to be either to start a project from scratch or to migrate from another platform.


There are clients of different sizes, so their designs are also of different sizes and demands. The investments to be made for development and maintenance in this scenario are differentiated. Therefore, services with the concept of On Going will work for some and not for others. Well-founded alternatives and strategies are needed.

Projects that need to constantly evolve require a solution that supports them continuously with innovations and implementations, and in this case, On Going solutions are indicated. Sporadic evolution require another vision and model. In The US, we began to see the adoption of paths in this direction.

The One Day Service concept has been consolidated and offers clients an opportunity to hire specialists to work on their projects for a single day, focusing on specific and sporadic issues with no link, no contract. The relationship is quick, direct and objective.

Understanding the market by specializing and offering solutions to the different scenarios in WordPress brings even more security to those who do not yet adopt it and comfort for those who already enjoy their full potential.

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