Breathe easily at home with Wynd Halo & Home Purifier


Wynd Technologies has introduced two new products today to support healthy breathing at home: the Wynd Home Purifier, a potent room air purifier, and Wynd Halo, a smart air quality monitor.

The business is participating in Kickstarter for the second time. The company collected more than $600,000 a few years ago to create Wynd Plus, a portable, smart air purifier. All people can now purchase the device.

The new goods offer an alternative solution to the same air pollution issue. Unfortunately, for many of us, breathing contaminated air has become a necessary part of daily life. Even worse, fewer people are aware that indoor air pollution can exceed that found outside.

Wynd Halo has an astounding array of 10 environmental sensors that track everything from noise and ambient light to allergies, scents, chemicals, mildew, pollution, and temperature. They inform you of what’s actually in the air, such as “Healthy,” “Likely Pollen,” “Likely Smoke,” and “Hazardous,” which is a fresh touch.

If you decide to buy the Wynd Home Purifier, the two of you will communicate and take care of any problems with the air quality. Wynd Halo also gets along well with third-party home automation products like the Nest Thermostat, Alexa-capable devices, and Apple HomeKit. The Wynd Halo software that comes with it lets you customize everything.

According to the California-based company, their home purifier is the strongest in its category. The device includes two V-Class HEPA filters that can produce more than 316 cubic feet of clean air per minute. This is sufficient to quickly cleanse a 1,200 square foot space.

Wynd debuted on Kickstarter two years ago with its first product, a personal smart air purifier, which grew to become the most successful campaign ever for air quality crowdfunding. Meet Wynd’s co-founder and CEO, Raymond Wu.

Since then, we’ve listened to our community, created new technology, and are eager to grow and begin monitoring and maintaining larger spaces.

Starting today on Kickstarter, the Wynd Home Purifier and Wynd Halo can be bought together or separately. In May 2019, backers can anticipate receiving their smartphones in May 2019.


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