Calibrex is a Fitness Tracker that Corrects Your Technique and Keeps Track of Every Rep and Set You Complete

Working out in the gym by lifting weights is not too difficult. However, doing it in an effective and technically sound manner is not that simple. The Calibrex is a piece of exercise equipment that not only counts your repetitions and sets but also alerts you with a beep in the ear if your technique is incorrect.

A very powerful magnet is used to secure the device to the end of a barbell in its intended configuration. Because it comes in pairs, you are expected to fasten it to both sides of the item. After that, Calibrex frees the user from having to manually count sets and gives a suggestion for how long to rest between sets.

The capacity to improve a weightlifter’s form is, however, the feature that makes it the most intriguing. Due to the fact that it rests on both sides of the barbell, it is able to compensate for imbalances in the balance, such as when one side of the barbell is lower than the other. This is achieved by measuring the height above ground at a rate of around one hundred times per second. The information is then sent to your headphones via Bluetooth so that you can get instant feedback if your form is wrong.

There is, as a matter of course, an application for smartphones that provides additional data, such as a record of your previous workouts. More significantly, you will receive information for each set on the barbell velocity, also known as the pace at which you completed the reps. It may be an opportunity to strengthen the weight if you find that you are moving too quickly. On the other hand, working out with an excessive amount of weight can lead to improper form and even damage. The application will notify you when it is time to make a change to the weight setting.

The sensors, which are about the size of a deck of cards and weigh 110 grams (3.9 ounces), have a runtime of around two weeks between recharges. A unit has a width of 2 inches and a height of 3 inches, respectively, as its dimensions.

Having a private coach is beneficial in many ways, but the cost can quickly become prohibitive. It’s possible that Calibrex is the more affordable option.

If you are interested in data-driven fitness, you still have two weeks left to back the project on Indiegogo to receive a big discount. The company has about raised half of the funds that are required for production at this point. If all goes according to plan, rewards will be sent out to backers in April.

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