Casio and Google Wear OS Team to Introduce Casio's First-Ever G-SHOCK Wristwatch

Casio has announced that they will be introducing the GSW-H1000, which will be the company’s first G-SHOCK Watch to use the Wear OS operating system developed by Google.

If you are interested in keeping track of their fitness progress, the GSW-H1000 from the G-SQUAD range of G-SHOCK watches is an excellent option for you to think about purchasing.

This is what we have learned up to this point:

GSW-H1000 Design and Aesthetics

It should come as no surprise that the GSW-H1000 retains the shock-resistant construction of the original G-SHOCK. In addition, the titanium back provides an additional layer of defense, and the honeycomb pattern that is employed on both the case and the strap is a visual representation of the robustness of the construction. This most recent model comes in three different colors: black, navy blue, and red. It has a Urethane strap, which provides a comfortable fit that is nevertheless flexible and sturdy.

The watch has a dual-layer screen that enables the user to switch between digital, analog, or a face that they have designed themselves. The LCD screen of the watch is always on. As a direct result of this, the user is given the ability to select the face and data display that is most appropriate for their requirements. In addition, depending on the screen’s functionality, the display can either be monochrome or full color to provide the best possible viewing experience.

Functions Relating to Physical Fitness

As was said before, the GSW-H1000 is designed with avid gym-goers specifically in mind. The following is a list of just some of the activities that the watch is able to track out of a total of 15 outdoor activities and 24 indoor workouts:

  1. Running (indoors and outdoors)
  2. Water Sports such as surfing, sailing, kayaking, etc.

Smartwatch Functions and Features

This watch is much more than simply a good fitness tracker, thanks to its utilization of Wear OS. 

The smartwatch’s features include the following:

  1. Notifications for emails and social media platforms via Google Assistant Pay.
  2. Conduct and take phone calls.

The interior of the GSW-H1000

In case you hadn’t previously noticed, the operating system used is called Wear OS by Google. The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS, and another outstanding aspect of this watch is the extensive list of features and sensors that are contained within it. They are as follows:

  1. Using an optical sensor to monitor the subject’s heart rate
  2. Compass Altitude/air pressure sensor
  3. Gyrometer \sAccelerometer
  4. The functionality of GPS
  5. Barometric pressure vs. the tide graph
  6. Sunrise and sunset times

Unfortunately, there is currently no information that can be provided regarding the battery’s lifespan.

The Application-Move 

It is highly advised that you use the free G-SHOCK Move App to get the most out of your GSW-H1000. After the app has been downloaded and installed on a smartphone, users will have access to their activity histories as well as their training analyses. Additionally, social media users will have the ability to create their own original content by superimposing their workout or activity stats on top of their videos or images.

GSW-H1000 Release Date

The GSW-H1000 is anticipated to make its debut in Singapore in July 2021; however, there is currently no information regarding its price or the date on which it will be made accessible in the marketplaces of the rest of the world.


To summarise, if you are a fan of physical activity, you really can’t go wrong with any watch from the G-SHOCK series, and we are confident that the G-SQUAD range is going to be just as spectacular. On the other hand, we do not yet know how long you will have to wait in order to add the GSW-H1000 to your collection of watches if you are not located in Singapore.

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