Challenges and a connected GPS are being made available for hybrid HR watches by Fossil

In addition to getting ready to debut watches of the sixth generation, Fossil is also introducing enhancements to its existing crop of electronic gadgets. The business recently revealed that their Hybrid HR would have both challenges and Connected GPS.

The business is known for carrying a comprehensive selection of wearables. A significant number of which are of the hybrid kind. For the benefit of those who aren’t in the know, these are watches that have the appearance of classic timepieces yet have more contemporary technology.

November of the previous year saw the launch of the Hybrid HR. The collection is the first item to come forth as a result of the partnership between the firm and Google.

The watches include an e-ink display that consumes very little power and is always active. This is what lies beneath the mechanical hands and displays information like your heart rate, steps, the weather, and alerts. All of this is powered by a bespoke operating system that is integrated with the Fossil smartwatch application.

The most recent firmware version 

The business has now made the announcement that it would be releasing a new firmware update for Hybrid HR, which will include a Connect Challenge function. These are activities that are designed to get you moving more, and they include things like “The Turtle and the Hare” and “Be the first to achieve the objective.” The first one recognises and rewards the member of the group who logs the greatest number of steps, while the second one expects you to complete a certain number of challenges.

The Connect GPS capability was also included with the latest firmware upgrade. This is essential because it enables the gadget that you wear on your wrist to link with the satellite transmitted signal by your smartphone. It is the next best thing to having built-in GPS and enables more comprehensive activity monitoring as well as the recording of routes for outdoor activities such as running and cycling. The nicest part about it is that it is the next best thing to having a built-in GPS.

Additionally, the organisation is hard at work developing brand new products. The sixth generation of Fossil’s technology watches was recently spotted at Bluetooth SIG. The certification agency recognises two separate devices, each of which comes in a variety of iterations. At this early point, there is not a lot that is known about the specifications. Late in the summer of 2019, the firm began adding newly developed products to its catalogue, so we anticipate more of the same in 2020.

If you would rather not wait for another generation, the Fossil Hybrid HR can be purchased for anywhere from $185 to $215, depending on the model that you select. All of these may be purchased on the Fossil website as well as through Amazon.

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