Child Nutrition: The Five Basic Keys

Food is essential to ensure the normal development of children. For this reason, having some basic notions of child nutrition helps to a great extent to organize the healthiest meals for them.

If you are interested in the subject, stay with us. Today we will discuss five key notions that you must take into account to ensure that your little ones grow up strong and healthy.

What you should know about child nutrition

Food during the first years of life is essential for their psychomotor development. Therefore, today we want to give you some basic notes on how your daily diet should be.

However, feeding them in a healthy and balanced way can become quite a while for parents. However, it is very important that they eat everything and, above all, do not get used to sugary drinks and industrial buns. Childhood obesity is one of the most serious problems of our time, as pointed out by the World Health Organization.

Therefore, we must try to teach them the importance of eating well from a young age. Pediatric nutrition experts  insist that parents should lead by example and show them healthy eating habits. If they learn to eat well, in a healthy and balanced way, it will be more difficult for cardiovascular disease or being overweight to appear as adults.

Follow these tips to incorporate good habits into your daily diet. Take note!

5 tips to take care of the diet of the little ones

  • Calcium in this growth stage is very important for the development of your bones. Ideally, take about 500ml a day between milk and derivatives.
  • Eliminate fats, such as that contained in industrial pastries. Also, make sure that the meat they eat is not very fat, such as sausages.
  • Make sure the fish is white and not blue, as it contains less fat.
  • Make sure they taste legumes and cereals and that they get all the vitamins they need from the fruit.
  • It is healthy for them to eat four meals a day: start the day well with breakfast; the midday meal, the strongest dish; a small snack to hold the appetite until the evening and finally, a light dinner that does not interfere with the onset of sleep.

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