Chinese Football Association and STATSports agree on a historic agreement


The Chinese Football Association and STATSports have partnered (CFA). All of the football teams in the nation will use its performance-tracking technology as a result of the long-term collaboration. Similar agreements were made earlier this year by the Northern Ireland-based firm with US Soccer and the Brazilian Football Confederation.

The nation with the largest population is not exactly a football powerhouse, but it does have lofty objectives. Among them are advancing to, hosting, and winning a World Cup in the next 30 years. Soccer is now being taught in some schools, thanks to government investments in new facilities. By 2020, it is hoped that 50 million Chinese will participate in the sport.

Two women’s World Cups have already taken place in the nation. In 1999, the women’s team ended in second place. The men’s squad didn’t make it to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The men’s team only qualified once, in actuality. It failed to score a goal and was eliminated from the group stage in 2002.

The CFA has announced a historic agreement with STATSports in an effort to make its lofty goals a reality. Over the next two years, the agreement will see STATSports’ monitoring equipment installed at around 70,000 pitches and 50,000 trainers in China.

Lido Du, the Chinese Football Association’s head of national team performance, stated, “We are looking to improve the on-field performance of our national teams.”

“We determined that the use of GPS player tracking technology was essential in making this improvement.” In the modern football environment, using big data to your advantage and for personal development has become crucial. A necessary part of it is tracking data.

The STATSports Apex unit, worn in a vest and positioned between the shoulder blades, monitors each player’s performance and gives coaches and players immediate feedback. This covers data on running at high speeds, distance traveled, speed, acceleration, deceleration, heart rate, and other factors.

Such information can be used to ensure that every player is at their very best on match days. Even more crucially, the device offers perceptions of player load and level of weariness. Both of these are significant markers that can be useful in preventing player injuries.

Jarlath Quinn, Chief Global Strategist at STATSports, said, “This arrangement with the Chinese Football Association is another excellent milestone for STATSports.”

In order to ensure they can compete at the highest level in the years to come, Chinese football has made considerable expenditures and has attracted a lot of attention in recent years.

Physical performance has become crucial in order to succeed in football. A growing trend of professional teams employing data-tracking technologies includes GPS tracking made possible by STATSports equipment. The English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, MLS, NFL, NBA, Rugby Union, and international hockey teams are included in this.

But to benefit from the most recent technology available, you don’t have to reside in China or play professional football. There are many items available on the market that may be used by both experts and novices.


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