Cinnamon Ritual To End Your Debts And Attract Good Luck

Cinnamon Ritual To End Your Debts And Attract Good Luck

This is a striking spice due to its aroma, it also has therapeutic effects, it is used as a natural remedy and it can also attract good luck.

Many want prosperity, abundance, that there is no lack of work or that businesses always go well. Although preparation, knowledge and serenity in decision-making is important, a good dose of luck is not lacking to achieve the goals that are set in life.

Cinnamon is an ideal product for flavoring, also for its medicinal functions, but it also has mystical powers with abundance. If you are looking to attract prosperity and abundance, either materially or emotionally, you cannot stop doing this rite.

Cinnamon Ritual On The First Day Of The Month

This ritual must be done on the first day of each month and follow the instructions to call abundance to the letter. First you must buy cinnamon powder, then you must take a handful of cinnamon and put it on the palm of your right hand and go to the door of the house or work. Step followed, before blowing, the following prayer must be repeated with great faith. When this cinnamon blows, prosperity here will penetrate. When this cinnamon blows, abundance will come to stay. When this cinnamon blows, abundance will live here.

Then, you have to blow the cinnamon from the outside in, to understand that prosperity and success will enter your home, along with the dust and the wind full of the energy that emanates each person who performs this ritual. The aforementioned portal also recommends leaving the cinnamon powder for a day, then it can be swept away and thus expect those good results in abundance.

Sandalwood and Cinnamon Ritual To Get Out Of Debt

We invite you to do another ritual, especially to get out of debt. First, sandalwood incense is lit to cleanse. Following this, you have to pass the cinnamon sticks seven times through the smoke that comes out of the incense, this in order to charge clean and positive energy.

Then you have to do the same process, but with a red thread. After the previous steps, you have to place the cinnamon sticks in the shape of a cross tied with three strong knots ; Finally, the cinnamon cross must be placed behind the door of the house or business, to attract abundance.

We also recommend other rituals with cinnamon to attract good luck. With a thread or red rope, you have to tie nine twigs of this spice and hang it above your front door, this must be done to eliminate bad energies either at work or at home, in addition the place will be left with a good natural scent.

Cinnamon Sticks

Making incense with cinnamon sticks is also a good option to have prosperity and protect the home from bad energy, it is also a good amulet to succeed in love.

When work is needed, and many resumes are passed and people cannot find that dream job, a good option is to put cinnamon powder in the shoe to attract good energy. You also have to take into account the preparation, training and having the necessary knowledge, to find that position in the company that has always been visualized.

Add a few cinnamon sticks while you immerse yourself in the hot water of the bathtub to boost your positive energy and balance your body, also clarifying that if you do not have a bathtub, it can be done by pouring the water over the body with a container, after the traditional shower.

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