Cloud computing: advantages of working in the cloud

We are tired of hearing these terms in many places: “cloud computing” and “the cloud.” But do we really know what they mean?

Cloud computing, in simple terms, is a digital tool that allows us to be more efficient and productive in our work and in our daily lives. Going deeper, cloud computing is a computer system that gives users the option of saving information in a virtual cloud and accessing it quickly and efficiently, without the need to store documents or programs in the computer memory or have than download files.

So this means that cloud computing tools break down geographic barriers and increase productivity. Let’s see it with some examples:

- With Google  Docs it is possible to create and edit documents online, collaborating at the same time, in real time, with other users. All you need is an internet connection and we can share files without limits.
- Another cloud tool is Dropbox , the cloud storage service par excellence, which you all surely know. This allows us to save information, share it with anyone and access it from any device with an Internet connection.
- Even when using email  (Gmail, Hotmail ...) we are using cloud computing. So even though it’s a weird term, we all make use of it in the end.

Advantages of cloud computing

  • Savings for our pockets: it is no longer necessary to pay for licenses, reinstall programs or update software versions. We put those concerns aside and focus on other tasks that do require more attention on our part.
  • Greater storage capacity: By using cloud services, more information can be stored than on a computer . This is a great advantage when sending heavy documents or videos that are impossible to send by post. With Dropbox, all these problems would be eliminated instantly.
  • We can stop using it when we want: if we decide to try a tool and see that it does not contribute anything to us in our day to day life, we do not have to continue using it. Just stop using it and try a new one.
  • Easy accessibility: As we have mentioned before, cloud computing allows us to have accessibility from any device. We already know that today anyone has more than one mobile device at their fingertips. We no longer just settle for a smartphone, we also want a tablet and why not go fashionable with a wearable.

Likewise, cloud computing offers us the possibility of accessing from any device to access the information that we have previously uploaded, without having to install anything on each device .

Higher productivity, better time management

Let’s imagine that we need to send a class work by mail to the teacher or go to a meeting to find out what part each one is in charge of at work.

With this new technology , it will not be necessary to mail the work to each member of the group, nor to worry if it has been sent or if the document takes up too much. You just have to upload it to the cloud and from there share it with whoever you want.

We save time using these tools and it is very easy to access them , also offering us information in a highly organized way and facilitating communication between the work team.

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