Companies Offering the Best Home Warranties

Companies Offering the Best Home Warranties

AFC provides coverage for home systems with a variety of price and policy options.

A home warranty may be able to assist in covering the cost of the necessary repairs if your house’s appliances or systems break down due to normal wear and tear. Home warranties, in contrast to standard homeowner’s insurance policies, which do not normally cover the aforementioned things, provide savings on the price of repairs and replacements up to a specified limit for the entirety of your policy’s term.

The top home warranty providers ease the process of purchasing a policy and submitting a claim and offer a wide selection of service providers to choose from, a number of coverage options, high coverage limits, transparent coverage information, and a high maximum coverage amount.

Here is a list of some of the most reputable home warranty businesses available on the market in the event that you are interested in exploring the possibility of purchasing a home warranty plan.

Companies Offering the Best Home Warranties in 2022

  • The AFC Home Club (America’s 1st Choice) came out on top overall.
  • American Residential Warranty came in second place for best overall.
  • First American Home Warranty Provides the Most Dependable Coverage
  • OneGuard Home Warranties Provide the Best Regional Service
  • Cinch is the best option for service fee choices.
  • American Home Shield is the Best Option for Plan Selection

Companies Offering the Best Home Warranties

  • The AFC Home Club, also known as America’s First Choice.
  • Home Warranty Protection for American Homes
  • Home Warranty Provided by First American
  • Home Warranties Provided by OneGuard
  • The American Home Shield is drawn tight.
  • Conclusions and Comparisons of Providers
  • FAQs Regarding Home Warranties
  • Methodology

The very best all-around AFC Home Club (America’s First Choice)

The rating is 4.9, according to the balance.

  • SERVICE FEES: $75/$100/$125
  • ANNUAL COST: Request a quote
  • NO. OF STATES: 50

Why Did We Go With This One?

The AFC Home Club has been in operation since 2009 and has the most lenient policy that we could find regarding choosing your own repair expert without the necessity of obtaining prior clearance. You should be free to hire whichever contractor you want for repairs as long as they have all three of the following credentials: a license, a bond, and insurance coverage.

Pros & Cons


  • There is a wide variety of both plans and add-ons to choose from.
  • You are free to select your own technician.
  • workmanship assurance for the duration of the plan, which can be up to three years.


  • There is no coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • You’ll need to call for an estimate of the cost.


Coverage for house warranties is available in every state through AFC Home Club. The beginning of coverage occurs thirty days after the purchase, and one-year and three-year policies are offered through a range of insurance programs.

You are free to utilize whatever repair provider you like, as long as it satisfies AFC’s requirements of being licensed, bonded, and insured. A guarantee on both the components and labor is provided by AFC for the duration of your warranty membership, which can be up to three years.

Make a Game Plan

  • The cost of the various plan alternatives is determined by the type of plan and the amount of service fee that you select. You can get an estimate by calling the number 1-888-442-2561 or by checking out the pricing plans online. A selection of service cost alternatives, ranging from $75 to $100 to $125, is provided by AFC.
  • Plan Platinum: The platinum plan provides the most extensive protection for systems and appliances. It includes protection for the air conditioner or cooler, the heating systems, the water heater, the electrical system, the plumbing system, plumbing stoppages, the ductwork, the clothes dryer, the kitchen refrigerator, the ice maker, the The oven includes the range, the stove/cooktop, the dishwasher, the garbage disposal, the garage door opener, and the built-in microwave.
  • Gold Plan: Includes coverage for air conditioning/coolers, heating systems, water heaters, electrical , and ductwork, as well as coverage for appliances, such as washers and dryers, kitchen refrigerators, ovens, ranges, stoves/cooktops, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and garage door openers. also includes coverage for the electrical system and ductwork.
  • Appliances such as a clothes dryer, clothes washer, kitchen refrigerator, oven, range, stove/cooktop, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and garage door opener are all covered under the Silver Plan.
  • This plan covers all of the building’s systems, including the air conditioner or cooler, heating systems, water heater, electrical system, plumbing system, and ductwork.

You have the option to purchase supplemental protection for a sump pump, septic system, hot water dispenser, pool and spa, standalone freezer, or tankless water heater with any plan that you purchase.

Runner-Up, BEST OVERALL, Warranty Protection for American Homes

The rating is 4.9, According To The Balance

  • The annual cost ranges from $480 to $1500.
  • NO. OF STATES: 50

Why Did We Go With This One?

Because of its straightforward pricing and the amount of openness it provides in sample contracts, we decided that American Residential Warranty should come in second place for best overall. There are many different options available to choose from, and you are free to select your own professional as long as you get approval for the repair in advance.

Pros & Cons


  • You are free to select your own technician.


  • Online claims cannot be submitted at this time.
  • Limits on coverage that are too low on some appliances
  • Coverage

Since 2008, American Residential Warranty has been operating successfully as a business. It provides coverage in every state in the country and has plans available for a year with a number of various options for coverage bundles and combinations. As is customary with home warranty plans, coverage will begin thirty days after the plan has been purchased.

Make a Game Plan

  • Platinum Premier is available for a monthly fee of $59.99. This is the most comprehensive plan available, as it covers central air conditioning as well as central home heating, a humidifier, the interior electrical system, a refrigerator, a refrigerator ice maker, a range/oven/cooktop, a range hood, a dishwasher, a built-in microwave, a garbage disposal, a kitchen exhaust fan, the plumbing system (excluding fixtures), plumbing stoppages, ductwork, a garage door opener, a water heater, and ceiling fans. You will be charged an additional $9.99 per month to add coverage for your washer and dryer.
  • Platinum is available for $49.99 USD per month. Includes protection for the central heating and cooling systems, the humidifier, the interior electrical system, the refrigerator, the range/oven/cooktop, the dishwasher, the built-in microwave, the garbage disposal, the kitchen exhaust fan, and the water heater. You will be charged an additional $9.99 per month to add coverage for your washer and dryer.
  • The combined cost of heating and cooling is $39.99 per month. Includes coverage for the interior electrical system, humidifier, central air conditioning, and central heating in the home.
  • Kitchen Plus is available for 34.99 dollars each month. Includes the range/oven/cooktop, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, built-in microwave, and water heater. Also includes the kitchen exhaust fan.
  • The monthly cost of the 4-in-1 Bundle is $124.99. Covers major appliances, electrical, central heating and cooling, extended coverage on multiple appliances and systems, coverage for sewer and water lines (repairs, unblocking lines, excavation costs, re-seeding grass, and re-paving driveway), and coverage for all new and used electronic devices. Covers major appliances, electrical, central heating and cooling.
  • The monthly cost of the 3-in-1 Bundle is $109.99. Includes protection for key home appliances, electrical systems, central heating and cooling systems, extended protection for numerous home appliances and systems, and coverage for both new and old electronic devices.

American Residential Warranty 

THE MOST ACCURATE AND RELIABLE COVERAGE, Home Warranty Provided by First American

The Rating Is 4.7 On The Balance

  • ANNUAL COST: Request a Quote
  • NUMBER OF STATES: 36, in addition to Washington, District of Columbia

Why Did We Go With This One?

Since 1984, First American Home Warranty has been assisting American homeowners in protecting both their houses and their valuables. First American Corporation, a large financial services provider that offers title insurance and settlement services, is the owner of the business in question.

Pros & Cons


  • 24/7 customer service for claims
  • Requests for service indefinitely


  • Currently only offered in 36 states.
  • Basic package only provides limited coverage
  • Coverage

First American has been in business since 1984, and in that time it has established a reputation for being a reputable provider of coverage for homeowners who want to protect the systems and appliances in their homes. Because the organization offers a variety of plans, it is able to satisfy customers’ requirements for every type of coverage.

In the event that you need to make a claim, the $85 service fee will be your responsibility to pay. The cost is determined by your particular plan as well as your location.

Make a Game Plan

  • A garbage disposal, a dishwasher, an oven range, a cooktop, a microwave, a trash compactor, a refrigerator, and a washing and dryer are included in the basic plan.
  • Everything that is covered by basic as well as plumbing, plumbing stoppages, water heater, heating, ducting, electrical, garage door opener, and central vacuum is included in the Premier Plan.

There is the option to purchase additional coverage for: 

  • central air (electric)
  • Extra cooling and refrigeration
  • Pool/Spa
  • Well pump
  • An upgrade to first class
  • The septic tank
  • HVAC tune-up

BEST IN REGIONAL SERVICE, Home Warranties Provided by OneGuard

2.3 is the rating given by The Balance.

  • FEES FOR THE SERVICE: $69 or $75
  • The annual fee ranges from $379 to $699.
  • NO. OF STATES: 3

Why Did We Go With This One?

Although OneGuard is owned by a major national carrier, the firm has an excellent reputation for offering high-quality coverage to eligible homeowners in the few states that it services. Because of this, we decided to go with OneGuard as the best option for regional coverage.

Pros & Cons


  • Sends technicians during the first four hours of the work day
  • Low maintenance and reoccurring costs
  • There are a few home services that are included with all plans.


  • Only in the states of Arizona, Nevada, and Texas are they available.
  • Required to use only pre-screened and approved contractors


OneGuard is a regional home warranty company that was established in 1990 and is currently owned and operated by American Home Shield. OneGuard makes home warranties available to purchasers, sellers, and homeowners who already own a home; however, these warranties are currently only offered in the states of Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. Despite this, the company consistently achieves five-star ratings from customers and multiple accolades for providing exceptional service. There are three distinct home warranty programs available through this firm. The annual cost can range anywhere from $379 to $599 in the state of Nevada. The annual fee ranges from $399 to $599 in Arizona, whereas the annual fee is from $399 to $699 in Texas. Customers who make claims pay a modest service fee in the state of Nevada, which is $69, whereas the service fee in the states of Arizona and Texas is $75.

Make a Game Plan

  • The following appliances are covered by Sentinel: dishwasher, range/oven/cooktop, built-in microwave, garbage disposal, trash compactor, pre-existing conditions, air conditioning, heating, ducting, plumbing, water heater, electricity, ceiling and exhaust fans, central vac, and garage door opener.
  • Centurion has everything in Sentinel as well as covering for incompatible HVAC equipment and preferred upgrade protection.
  • Everything included in Sentinel and Centurion, in addition to a washer and dryer, a kitchen refrigerator, and mainline plumbing that is extended.
  • Additionally, weed killing, rekeying your garage door opener, and pest treatment are just some of the home services that are covered under all three plans, which can be seen on the website.
  • It is also possible to purchase enhancements for appliances and systems that are not included in the base plans.


Rating: 3.9 out of 5 based on the Balance

  • SERVICE FEES: $100/$125/$150
  • The annual cost ranges from $336 to $480.
  • NO. OF STATES: 48S

Why Did We Go With This One?

We found that Cinch offers the most flexible deductible options among all of the home warranty companies. Cinch has three different service cost alternatives, in contrast to the majority of the other companies that we researched that only provided one or two.

Pros & Cons


  • Included protection for the various components and parts
  • 180-day guarantee on the quality of the workmanship
  • Protection against rust and corrosion coverage


  • $10,000 service limit
  • The offer is not valid in Alaska or Hawaii.


Over the course of more than 40 years, Cinch Home Services, which was formerly known as Cross Country Home Services and HMS Home Warranty, has been operating as a business. There are three different options available for the warranty plan, and the servicing charge can range anywhere from $100 to $150. The appliance plan is the most basic, and it costs $27.99 per month in addition to the service fee of $150. The cost of other plans varies based on location and the service fee choice that is selected.

Coverage is offered in every state with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii, and just like the majority of house warranties, it starts thirty days following the purchase of the plan. Cinch home warranty repairs come with a guarantee that is good for 180 days.

Make a Game Plan

  • Residence Completing: This is the most comprehensive plan that Cinch offers, and it includes coverage for both built-in systems and appliances.
  • Appliances: Includes washers, dryers, cooktops, dishwashers, built-in food centers, freestanding ice makers, built-in microwaves, ranges, range exhaust hoods, refrigerators, built-in trash compactors, and wall ovens.
  • Coverage for built-in systems includes air conditioning (including ductwork), attic fans, ceiling fans, central vacuums, doorbells, electrical system, garage door openers, garbage disposals, heating system (including ductwork), instant hot/cold water dispenser, plumbing system, smoke detectors, sump pump, toilets, water heater, and built-in whirlpool/jetted tubs. Built-in systems also include a water heater.

BEST FOR PLAN SELECTION, Protecting the American Homeland

4.3 is the rating given by The Balance.

  • SERVICE FEES: $75/$100/$125
  • ANNUAL COST: Request a quote
  • NO. OF STATES: 49

Why Did We Go With This One?

Because it is the only home warranty business that allows you to customize your own plan based on your specific requirements, we found that American Home Shield was the best home warranty company overall when it came to plan selection. As a result, we selected them as the winner.

Pros & Cons


  • Package deal for a variety of systems and products
  • Provision of services in 49 states (Alaska excluded)
  • Maximum capacity for home appliances


  • Low yearly caps on some apps and computer systems
  • It is necessary to obtain prior authorisation in order to use technicians who are not part of our network.


Since 1971, American Home Shield has been in the home protection business. In every state besides Alaska, it provides home warranty policies that can be customized for a period of 12 months. After a month has passed since the purchase, coverage will begin.

When you make a claim through American Home Shield, you are given a contractor, and before you may use any other contractors, you are required to obtain American Home Shield’s prior approval. There are three different service charge options available: $75, $100, and $125.

Make a Game Plan

  • ShieldSilver provides protection for 14 major systems, including those related to plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling.
  • ShieldGold provides protection for the same 14 core systems as ShieldSilver, in addition to 9 appliances found in the kitchen and laundry room.
  • Everything that is included in the ShieldGold plan, in addition to coverage for roof leaks, HVAC tune-ups, code infractions and permits, and limitless A/C refrigerant.
  • It is possible to get supplemental insurance as an add-on to your plan in order to cover additional systems and appliances. In addition, there are add-on packages available for coverage of electronic devices as well as pools and spas.
  • Review of American Home Shield in its entirety may be found here.

Final Verdict

When shopping for a home warranty, you should prioritize finding a provider that gives you access to a diverse range of plans that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, has upfront and understandable pricing and terms, and makes it simple to file claims and select reputable service providers.

We prefer AFC Home Club because it provides four plans that are easy to understand in terms of their pricing and coverage specifics, as well as flexible service fees and the option to choose your own repair technician without the need for prior permission.

Compare the Best Home Warranty Companies

AFC Home Club (America’s 1st Choice)BEST OVERALL Request a Quote $75 to $125 4 (888) 442-2561
American Residential WarrantyBEST RUNNER-UP $480 to $1,500 per year Not disclosed 6 (888) 840-0005
First American Home WarrantyBEST RELIABLE COVERAGE Request a Quote $85 2 (888) 875-0533
One Guard Home WarrantiesBEST REGIONAL SERVICE $379 to $699 per year $69 to $75 3 (888) 896-0014
CinchBEST SERVICE FEE OPTIONS $336 to $480 $100 to $150 3 (877) 891- 7134
American Home ShieldBEST PLAN SELECTION Request a Quote $75 to $125 3 (888) 698-0442

Questions That Are Frequently Asked

What Does It Mean to Have a Home Warranty?

Before you can fully comprehend what a house warranty is, you must first be familiar with what it is not. There is a difference between a house warranty and homeowners’ insurance. Rather, it is a contract between a homeowner and a home warranty provider to offer repair and replacement services on key home systems, appliances, and other significant components of the home. The contract may also cover other major components of the home. The expense of repairing or replacing a large number of household equipment and appliances is typically covered by warranties.

How Does One Make Use of a Home Warranty?

If you have purchased a home warranty and a system or appliance that is covered under the warranty breaks down, you will be able to submit a claim with your home warranty company so that they may arrange repairs with a qualified service provider. Depending on the specifics of your warranty plan, you will normally be responsible for paying a service fee, but the warranty provider will pay for the rest of the costs associated with the repair. Your agreement will detail the maximum amount that warranty providers will pay for repairs or replacements, although these amounts are often capped at a certain dollar amount.

What’s the Difference Between Homeowner’s Insurance and a Home Warranty?

In the event that someone is wounded on your property or suffers damage to the structure or foundation of your home as a result of a peril that is covered by your policy. The coverage provided by home warranty insurance does not guard against any of these risks, but it does pay for repairs or replacements of home appliances or home systems in the event that something breaks down while you are covered by the policy.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Home Warranty?

The annual cost of home warranty policies is normally between $300 and $600, and you have the option to pay for it all at once or in monthly installments ranging from $25 to $50. It is possible that individual plans will cost more or less than that, based on factors such as the amount of coverage you select, the products you choose to include in your plan, and the location in which you live. In addition, service fees might range anywhere from $55 to $150 for each visit, on average.

If you want to get a home warranty, you’ll have to shell out at least enough money to cover the cost of the plan itself. After that, you are responsible for paying the service fee whenever you require a repair; hence, the more things that break, the higher your overall costs will be. However, that service price may still be a significantly more affordable option than the total cost of the repair if it were paid for out of pocket.

According to HomeAdvisor’s research, for instance, the typical cost of repairing a refrigerator ranges anywhere from $100 to $450.

According to the same data, the price of repairing a washing machine can range anywhere from $100 to $350. In light of this, a service fee of $75 doesn’t seem quite so awful. On the other hand, a larger service price may not be worth it, especially if you do not end up needing to make use of the warranty at any point. A warranty is similar to other types of insurance and warranties in that the key consideration in deciding whether or not to buy one is the amount of peace of mind that it will bring.

Who Is Responsible for the Regulation of Home Warranty Companies?

Home warranty providers are subject to the rules and guidelines of each individual state. While some states require all service contract providers to register with the state’s Commissioner of Insurance, other states do not have clear governing agencies and hence do not have this requirement. Consumers in certain states have the opportunity to register complaints about insurance companies through the offices of state insurance commissioners.

Ought I to Invest in a Home Warranty?

The knowledge that you will receive financial assistance in the event that costly repairs or replacements are needed in your house can provide a sense of relief to homeowners who have home warranties. In the event that those repairs are required, you may be able to cut costs associated with service. In addition to this, the house warranty organization is able to offer aid in the process of locating a contractor to carry out home repairs.

On the other side, there is a possibility that you will never require the service, or that it will not wind up saving you very much (or even anything) money. It’s also possible that it won’t be required in every scenario. If you are purchasing a new house, there is a possibility that you will already have some coverage for any potential problems with the home’s systems or structure. When you acquire new appliances, the manufacturer of those goods may also provide a warranty for them.

Check the rewards that come with using the credit card that you used to purchase the equipment. It’s possible that your credit card will cover your purchases with an extended warranty if you make those purchases with it.

You can “self-insure” your home as an alternative to purchasing a home warranty by doing the following: You should calculate how much you would have to pay for the warranty on a monthly basis and then set up an automated transfer to a savings account that offers a high interest rate. In the event that your appliances do break, you can put that money toward the expense of repairing or replacing them. In the event that they do not, you are free to put the money toward whatever you see fit. The possibility exists here that you won’t have enough saved up for when you really need it.

Although there is no way to tell for certain whether you will require the additional coverage or not, the piece of mind that home guarantees give may be sufficient to justify the expense.


We developed a home warranty review approach in order to evaluate the various options that were accessible to us. This methodology took into account factors like as coverage area, pricing, different policy kinds, and service. We also sought to make recommendations for businesses that provided extensive coverage across the United States while maintaining prices that were comparable to those in the sector. Finally, we investigated firms that made it simple to file claims, provided a variety of service specialists to choose from, and offered trade service prices that were affordable.

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