Compared to the Polar Vantage M2 and the M, which is the better mid-range sports watch for you?

Polar has recently introduced two brand new sports watches to the market. The Ignite 2 and the Vantage M2 have a few more functions in addition to some aesthetically pleasing upgrades over their respective predecessors. The differences between the Vantage M2 and the M are compared and contrasted in this article.


Comparing the Polar Vantage M2 to the M: technical specifications

The first iteration of the Vantage M has been in production for close to two years at this point. It was introduced to the market as a more wallet-friendly alternative to the luxurious Vantage V watch. Both options are appropriate for use by dedicated athletes. In comparison to the Vantage M, the Vantage V offers a longer battery life, the ability to run electricity from the wrist, and a barometer.

The Polar Ignite, Grit X, and a lifestyle timepiece named Unite have all been released since the company first began selling their products. Additionally, we were able to see the second version of the Vantage V2 last year. In comparison to the first version, this one features an improved and more sophisticated design. For instance, rather than being constructed out of plastic, the housing is made of aircraft aluminum. Additionally, there is improved water-proofing, new performance and recovery indicators, choices for conserving power, and control over the music.

Now, with the Vantage M2, we have received a similar iterative update. The hardware is, for the most part, unchanged. However, there have been some modest adjustments made to the design, in addition to a few other items. However, there won’t be any major paradigm shifts!

The Vantage M2 has a pretty good appearance thanks to the embellished stainless steel bezel and buttons, as can be seen in the photographs. Champagne, Black/Yellow, Brown Copper, and Black/Gray are the new hues that have been introduced. All of this can be coordinated with the color themes of the watch face, but I’ll go into more detail about that later.

Aside from that, pretty much everything is the same. You will still receive the same dimensions, display, weight, and resistance to water, among other things. You won’t find any distinctions if you look for them, so don’t bother.

The only adjustment made to the technical specifications is an increase in the battery life. The M2 comes equipped with a GPS power saving mode. This increases the amount of training time you have available to 100 hours, up from the regular 30 hours.

The primary details are shown below.

  Vantage M2 Vantage M
Material Extremely strong stainless steel case. Glass fiber reinforced polymer back cover. Glass fiber reinforced polymer case. Stainless steel bezel, buttons and buckle.
Dimensions 46.0mm x 46.0mm 46.0mm x 46.0mm
Depth 12.5mm 12.5mm
Display size 1.2 inches (resolution 240 x 240 pixels) 1.2 inches (resolution 240 x 240 pixels)
Display Always-on color display. Hard-coated PMMA laminated lens. Always-on color display. Hard-coated PMMA laminated lens.
Battery 230 mAh Li-pol battery 230 mAh Li-pol battery
Battery life up to 30 hours when the mode is set to training (GPS and wrist-based heart rate). 100 hours of training time with alternatives to preserve electricity. Up to 5 days in watch mode when the heart rate is being monitored. up to 30 h in training mode (GPS and wrist-based heart rate). Watch mode with heart rate: up to 5 days.
Water resistance up to 30 meters (WR30) up to 30 meters (WR30)
Weight 45 grams 45 grams
Sensors GPS/GLONASS, accelerometer, heart rate GPS/GLONASS, accelerometer, heart rate
  Black/Gray, Brown Copper, Champagne and Black/Yellow Black, White, Black Copper
RRP $300 $280

Compared to the Polar Vantage M2 and the M-characteristics

In terms of software updates, the M2 comes equipped with everything that is included on the M, in addition to a weekly training summary that enables you to monitor your development. This is in addition to the FuelWise fuelling recommendations, which were carried over from the GritX outdoor watch and the Vantage V2.

A further improvement is the addition of new energy sources. During the course of the workout, you depleted a variety of sources of energy, including carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. This is an approximation of those amounts.

Other features include the Polar Running Program, which can be used to create a personalized training plan; the FitSpark workout guide; the Training Load Pro function; nightly recharge; and Sleep Plus Stages. On the other hand, you can also find them on the M.

The functionality of Polar Smart has been improved in a very small way. The M2 includes controls for your music as well as meteorological data. This is not accessible through the primary source. along with customizable color schemes for the watch face. Pick a shade that goes well with the band, and the watch will be uniquely yours. Music control can attract some people’s curiosity. This gives you the ability to change the volume and navigate through the playlist on your smartphone directly from the M2. A lot of people enjoy working out while listening to music, and this should make things a little bit simpler for you because it means you can put your phone somewhere else.

Vantage M2 Vantage M  
FuelWise smart fueling assistant Yes No
Running power from wrist via 3rd party sensor No
Energy Sources Yes No
Watch face color themes Yes No
Music controls Yes No
Weather Yes No

In conclusion, which of these options should you go with?

Because of the new features, do you think you’ll upgrade to the newer model of the Polar Vantage M? extremely improbable. This is an incremental update that does not deliver a significant amount of brand new content.

The majority of the functionalities are implemented in the software. With the exception of the battery life, which has improved from 30 hours in training mode to 100 hours with GPS power-saving modes, the other features have remained the same. You also receive fueling advice from FuelWise, an app called Energy Sources, settings for your music, several watch faces, and a weather app. However, none of those are necessities and can be considered merely desirable additions.

If you’re looking for a new watch, we recommend the M2 model rather than the M model. Investing in a more recent piece of hardware ensures that you will be able to take advantage of any future software updates that may become available. Especially considering that the difference in pricing between the two options on Polar’s website is now only $20. However, if you’re looking to save money, you should be able to find some good deals on the first generation Vantage M in the near future.

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