Connected Technology for Prospective Basketball Players, a Smart Basketball Tracker

Connected Technology for Prospective Basketball Players, a Smart Basketball Tracker

Are you looking for a sophisticated basketball scorer? Even though it came to the party a little later than tennis, golf, and other sports, there is still a healthy variety of options to choose from despite the fact that it is a relatively new activity.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) does not permit players to use any kind of wearables during official games at this time. In contrast to this, Major League Baseball has given its blessing to the usage of a variety of other devices during games. In spite of this, competitive basketball teams are increasingly adopting high-tech body-monitoring equipment during practice to keep tabs on their players’ workloads and movements in an effort to reduce the risk of injury.

You do not need to wait for approval from the NBA in order to get on board with the wearables bandwagon. unless, of course, you are an experienced professional. The information that follows is immediately applicable to connected basketball technology.

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Basketball with Wilson’s X Connected Technology 

Simply taking a look at this ball would not lead you to believe that it possesses any unique characteristics. It is the standard size and weight, and it has a grip and durability that are up to Wilson standards. You can choose between the official size (29.5” inches) or the intermediate size (27.5” inches) (28.5 inches). The ball does not have any wires, accessories, or wearables that need to be attached to the hoop or worn on the wrist.

A Bluetooth radio, low-power processor, and three-axis accelerometer are hidden beneath the surface of the gizmo. These components, together with the assistance of some ingeniously constructed algorithms, are responsible for tracking your baskets. Wilson claims that its algorithms have a success record of 98 per cent when determining hits and misses.

Despite the fact that it can be used in a game, the ball’s primary purpose is to keep track of the shots made by a single player. After all, basketball is not capable of determining when ownership has been switched, no matter how cunning its player may be. Because of this, Wilson suggests using both the ball and the app even when practising by oneself.

After your session, you can look at charts and graphs based on your firing statistics by using the app that accompanied your smartphone. This accounts for everything from shooting rates and shot attempts to the overall amount of time the game was played.

Also, don’t worry about having to recharge it. Over 100,000 rounds can be fired without the battery failing, which equates to 300 rounds fired each and every day for an entire year. After that, you have the option of continuing to use it as a regular ball or trading it in for something else.

94fifty Smart Sensor Basketball 

Another connected basketball can be found on the market thanks to a company known as InfoMotion Sports Technologies. The National Association of Basketball Coaches has selected the 94fifty Smart Basketball as its official practice ball.

A Qi wireless charger is included with this ball that meets all of the regulations for size, weight, spin, and bounce. In addition to that, a specially crafted bag for transporting the ball is included.

There are nine accelerometers and a gyroscope contained within the basketball. These components are mounted on a circuit board that weighs fewer than 20 grammes. The sensors are able to detect force (they provide a view of it from all 360 degrees), speed, ball rotation, and ball arc.

The ball is equipped with a compact operating system that analyses motion patterns and has the capability to communicate any irregularities over Bluetooth in under one hundred milliseconds. You will receive real-time feedback after each shot and dribble you take.

The dribble force and speed, shot speed, shot backspin and shot arc are the four crucial variables that 94fifty tracks. You have the option of working on a variety of abilities or engaging in head-to-head competition with other players over up to 34 distinct challenges.

This is a basketball that requires periodic recharging, so be sure to plan accordingly. However, when you have done so, it will remain valid for up to 8 hours.

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DribbleUP is one of only three linked basketballs now available on the market, and what sets it apart from the others is that it does not have a battery or any other high-tech electronics built into it. Instead, the technology uses the ball and the camera on your phone to analyse your swing mechanics and monitor your development. Even when the ball is partially obscured from view by other objects, proprietary vision tracking algorithms are able to latch onto its surface and follow its whereabouts in real-time.

The ball was designed by two young brothers from Brooklyn, and it has the ability to track your dribbling live as well as assess your crossover speed, dribble hesitation, and endurance level. It also has an interactive dribble speed metre. 

You will, in all intents and purposes, be provided with a virtual coach who will direct your workouts and provide you with expert evaluations.

Simply select an exercise, read the ball’s instructions, and jump right in! You have the option of choosing from the extensive library, or the app can make a suggestion based on the level of expertise you currently possess. There is also a training programme that lasts for thirty days.

This ball is the standard size and weight, and it is constructed out of excellent microfiber materials. It is incredibly durable, and it can be used in any kind of weather. This is the first and only smart basketball to ever be used as the official match ball in high school and middle school basketball competitions held around the United States.

Other types of connected technology 

Jump shot in basketball with full force. 

This is a very small tracker that can be attached to your waistband using a clip. The device is equipped with highly accurate 3D motion sensors, which allow it to capture performance metrics and detect critical events such as acceleration, rotation, and leap height – all in real-time. This means that it goes well beyond the capabilities of merely monitoring basic activity levels.

The latest in connected technology geared toward prospective basketball players

The Smart Video Capture technology enables the Blast app to make video clips, which enables you to easily discover, replay, and share the action highlights that you have captured. This is done with the assistance of your smartphone. The proprietary technology known as Smart Video Capture can automatically recognise the actions you perform and extract key moments from your recordings to produce a highlight reel. All of this information is layered on top of your metrics, which may include vertical height, hang duration, rotation, and jump acceleration.

When you view the history of your movements, you can not only detect significant events but also recognise trends. When the sensor is no longer within range, the ball will retain any and all movement data. As soon as you reconnect, everything will begin downloading to your mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet.


The ShotTracker system is comprised of three different parts. A sensor for the wrist that can be placed into the shooting sleeve or wristband, a sensor that can be attached to the net, and an application called ShotTracker. The sensor for the net is powered by a lithium-polymer battery that can be recharged and is set to sleep mode until the user begins filming.

The component that is carried by the user constitutes the initial link in the chain. Because it is so light (9.9 grammes), people will hardly even notice that they are wearing it. The sensor was created to be worn discreetly under a wristband or sleeve that was specifically tailored for it (sold separately). After you have released your grip on the ball, the device will transmit a signal to the sensor in the net, which will then record the shot.

This information is then shown in the app in the form of real-time statistics and shot charts. The data is gathered automatically from both sensors. You will be provided with details on each and every shot attempt, including success rates and percentages, in addition to a shot map. The information is also used by the app to make recommendations for training activities that are tailored to help you improve in areas where you struggle.

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SOLIDshot Basketball Smart Sleeve 

This sleeve, which seems like something from the future, instructs you on how to enhance your shooting form and maintain consistency. Simply activate SOLIDshot and slide it into place. After that, proceed to dribble the ball, pass it, and play the game as you normally would.

The technology constantly analyses motion, recognises shots, and provides instant feedback with the instant the ball leaves the player’s hands. Multiple sensors are attached to a player’s shooting arm in order to accomplish this. It analyses your shot based on over 50 different variables. The information comes from three sensors that are attached to the player: one on their bicep, another on their forearm, and the third one on their hand.

In practice, this is the same as a high-speed motion capture system capable of 120 frames per second. Your motion is analysed in real-time by four separate computers that work in coordination with one another hundreds of times each second.

Building muscle memory with immediate feedback is beneficial. You will be able to determine exactly what it is that you need to improve upon thanks to the audio and visual signals that are printed on the sleeve. Go to the accompanying app if you want to gain a more in-depth understanding of how to improve your shooting technique.


The wearable device known as VERT tracks and shares real-time statistics on the user’s leaps, making it an innovative product that caters to a very specific submarket.

This contains the player’s highest vertical jump as well as their average vertical height, highest vertical jump, and total jumps made during a game. This handy tool can be put to use in the practice of any leaping-based sport, including but not limited to basketball, volleyball, hurdle jumping, and mixed martial arts. You could also use it to keep track of your jump rope workouts and warm-ups, or you could use it to compete against your friends.

The wearable device, which functions in a manner analogous to that of a heart-rate monitor, can be fastened around the user’s waist or chest. It is possible to connect it to an article of clothing by using the VERTclip, or it can be sewn into the garment itself.

The information is saved and can be retrieved via a dashboard app for mobile devices or a web-based interface. Additionally, at any time during practice or the game, you can press and hold a button on the device’s side, and it will present you with statistics on your jumps up to that point in time. This can be done at any point.

You also have the option of going with VERT’s more refined cousin, G-VERT. This one keeps track of and communicates more comprehensive real-time statistics, such as G-force, kinetic energy, jump analytics, power, stress per cent, and appendage asymmetry.

Tracker for Hoops 

Hoop Tracker, which has been in development for a period of years, aims to be one of the most comprehensive systems currently available. You only need to fasten the wristwatch to the hand that is not being used to shoot, use the mounting pole to secure the shot sensor to the rim, and then select the appropriate shooting programme before you begin.

The system monitors pretty much everything that can possibly be observed. Your court position and shooting statistics will be broadcasted to you in real-time via the watch, and they will be specific to the place you are shooting from. Go to the associated mobile app on your smartphone in order to view the post-session analysis. This provides a great deal more detail and demonstrates your shooting performance, development over time, strengths and shortcomings, and a great deal more. In addition to that, there is a coaching model that promises to take your playing to the next level, along with competitions and challenges.

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Although it is not yet for sale, you may place a pre-order for it on Hoop so that you will be the first in line to get it as soon as it becomes available. You won’t be billed for anything until the item is actually sent out to you.

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