Considering the Current State of Affairs, Fitbit Provides Premium Content Without a Charge

Fitbit has made an announcement that it will provide a part of the Premium content free of charge to all customers, in addition to providing new users with a free trial of the whole service for a period of ninety days. The company is doing these things to encourage people to keep doing what they normally do, even though the COVID-19 epidemic is still going on.

The act of goodwill extended to us is very much appreciated. There are restrictions placed on our movement in many countries, and we are urged to remain inside our homes. The virus shows no signs of abating, and the coming weeks are likely to be when it reaches its height in both Europe and the United States. There are around 280,000 instances that have been registered at this time, and the number is constantly increasing every day. The company, which is based in San Francisco, says it is working with research institutions all over the world to find out if the information it gets from its very large number of users can help fight the disease.

In addition to this, all of Fitbit’s users will get complimentary access to a total of forty additional pieces of premium content. This means doing things like staying active and finding healthy ways to deal with stress.

Those who are looking forward to their first experience with Fitbit Premium are in luck. They have access to all the content for an entire period of three months free of charge, after which they have the option to either continue paying $9.99 per month or cancel their subscription altogether. The service gives you personalized insights, dynamic workouts, advanced sleep tools, guided programs, more than 150 different workouts from well-known fitness companies, and other tools to help you stay healthy at home. 

The complete note can be viewed in the screenshot that can be found below as well as on the Fitbit blog.

In other news, it appears like the Fitbit Charge 4 will be released within the next few weeks. The FCC has granted the appropriate regulatory approval for the tracker, and it has even been listed in select retail stores’ inventory databases. Although none of this has been confirmed, it appears that the tracker will ship with the exact same look, but it will be equipped with NFC as a standard and built-in GPS on some variants.

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