Cook promises investors that Apple is hard at work on items that will "absolutely stun" them

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, says that he has “never been more enthusiastic” about the future of his company. At the annual general meeting of the firm, which took place in Cupertino, California, he made the announcement that the technological behemoth had projects in the works that would “blow you away”!

 Mr. Cook was speaking to investors and assuring them that the company is not at a point where it has exhausted its potential for innovation. Unfortunately, he did not divulge any information regarding the nature of these initiatives; however, he did identify a few other product categories.

One of these was the Apple Watch, which, according to Cook, will continue to acquire new functions as part of the effort to make the wearable a necessary companion for health and fitness. The CEO of Apple also stated that the company is considering lowering the price of the 1,200-dollar MacBook Air.

Cook did not mention AirPods, despite the unsubstantiated rumors that a second generation version of the product will be released in only a few weeks’ time. In November, Apple was able to prove that their device was compatible with Bluetooth thanks to the Bluetooth Special Interests Group. Prior to this, the tech giant has already submitted a few patent applications for the buds to take on functions related to fitness tracking.

Apple is putting a lot of effort into expanding its revenue streams even as the company is shifting its attention to these new projects. When investors heard that the company is on course to more than double the revenue it generates from services by the year 2020, they expressed their satisfaction (such as Apple Music). They took in a total of $25 billion from this kind of revenue in 2015.

According to a report by Bloomberg that covered the discussion, Cook was quoted as saying that he is merely “sowing seeds” for what is to come. Exciting times are in store for you!

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