Cycling Apps for Smartwatches: Top 5

Cyclists must be allowed to leave their phones at home while having access to vital information while on the move. Five of the finest cycling applications for smartwatches and activity trackers are listed here, allowing you to check what you need with a flick of your wrist — With these cycling watches, You won’t even have to take your hands off the steering wheel!


Without a doubt, Strava is the king of bike GPS apps. Ride logging is one of the coolest features, and it can be directly posted to your Strava profile online.

The Strava app measures and analyses your ride statistics as you go, showing you your speed, time, and distance while also keeping track of your location. You may examine how many calories you burned and what elevation levels you achieved at the end of your workout. A new personal best will appear as a new record in any of the various Strava segments you can use to track your progress.

Strava is compatible with WearOS and Apple Watch and Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit, and Polar, to name a few - and it’s completely free!


Another popular alternative for bikers is TrainingPeaks. TrainingPeaks will have tried and tested training regimens for you to choose from, regardless of your actual aim. You may either go with one of their certified instructors or go alone if you prefer to be guided.

It has it all, from beginner rider plans with scheduled workouts to far more advanced options. It works with Garmin, Polar, Suunto smartwatches, and Apple watches, and you can sync your session data to your account, which you can view on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The basic app is free, but if you want more advanced features like activity scheduling, you can upgrade to the paid version, which also allows you to add comments, see coach comments, and more.


ViewRanger allows WearOS users to explore their surroundings. It was created specifically for Casio Pro Trek smartwatches and allowed users to discover new routes and navigate using GPS and offline maps for outdoor excursions.

WearOS users have access to a massive outdoor map collection that spans 17 nations directly on their wrists. You may save offline maps of city streets or offroad terrain on your watch, complete with satellite pictures. It’s the ideal app for everyone who enjoys road or mountain biking.

The app allows you to track your bike journey without having your phone with you. On your display, you can see your stats, such as distance, elevation, altitude, and time. It will also keep track of your heart rate. 

It’s free, but you’ll have to pay if you want premium maps.


This software is really detailed for Apple fitness enthusiasts. It contains a GPS capability that allows users to obtain metrics that assist them in enhancing their performance while cycling. Charts, splits, laps, graphs, maps, and zones are available. Time, distance, speed, power, cycling cadence, and heart rate are among the training-specific data it provides. Cyclemeter has a number of pre-programmed routines so that you can have a personal trainer on your wrist.

It also syncs with your Strava account and other third-party apps and is free to download. There are, however, a few additional features for which you may desire to pay.

Map My Ride

This software is wonderful for both Apple Watch and Samsung Gear wearers, with Samsung Galaxy Watch wearers getting the most out of it.

Map My Ride has been one of the original ride-logging apps, and Strava soon followed as a viable rival. On the other hand, Map My Ride has a lot more to offer. You may view your ride’s stats, including speed, distance, elevation, and a map of the route you traveled, which you can share with others. There are timed areas – MMR refers to these as courses – where you may set personal bests and see if you can beat them.

It’s free to download, but premium features like live monitoring, heart rate zones, route genius, training plans, and other in-depth options will cost you money.


When it comes to cycling applications, there are a lot of options, and the best one for you will rely on your specific tastes. A street cyclist’s needs will differ from those of an off-road dirt bike rider. Make sure to conduct some research on the finest applications for what you’re looking for, and then see which watches they work with.

Apple customers have access to some unique and great apps, but Samsung is close behind and, perhaps, better in that there are far more watch options than Apple’s. More information on the features of cycling smartwatches may be found here.

The ‘best’ cycling app for your smartwatch will always be the one that best suits your needs. Make sure to do your homework, relax, and enjoy your journey while the app does the heavy lifting!

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