Dauntless Update – Maps, Builds and More

Dauntless Update - Maps, builds

It has become one of the video games of the moment and not even the development studio itself, Phoenix Labs, expected such success. That is why they are continuously working on new features and improvements for the game. This is the case of the next big Dauntless update, which we already know what new features will be incorporated into the free to play.

The news of the next Dauntless update

It has been the development study itself through its social networks that has confirmed these future improvements. Along with the continuous server fixes to avoid queues, now we will be able to enjoy some specific additions when the Dauntless update is available for download:

  • There will be preview of all the aesthetic elements present in the Hunting Pass.
  • You can access the Hunting Pass from the Main Menu, allowing you to track your progress without having to visit Gregario.
  • New pack in the store, Elite, which will unlock some extra elements and a jump of 15 levels.

But they are not the only changes that will appear in the game, since in another future Dauntless update will be incorporated new features within the maps, new Behemoths to hunt and the possibility of saving builds in the menu so we can equip them quickly.

In addition, it has been confirmed that new temporary events will continue to occur and more elements that will continue to build and create a living and constantly evolving world. Remember that we have already made several guides about the game, and here you can take a look at the best armors and also the best current weapons .

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