Diamond: a Chic, Foldable, Extremely Portable Cycling Helmet

Diamond: a Chic, Foldable, Extremely Portable Cycling Helmet

We’ve covered intelligent cycling helmets previously. Some of them include built-in lighting, some monitor your heart rate, and still others can send an SOS in an emergency. Diamond isn’t truly a smart helmet in that sense, but we thought its clever design merited a mention.

The data ought to act as a cautionary tale. According to their findings, cyclists who were not wearing helmets were at fault for 97% of fatalities.

The Diamond, which has been in development for about three years, is not at all like a typical cycling helmet. It is extremely thin and light, like a typical baseball cap. Amazingly, it neatly collapses into a case the size of a water bottle that can be tucked inside a backpack or sizable handbag.

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In comparison to a conventional bike helmet, Diamond’s unique protective material dissipates and absorbs three times as much elastic energy. It is, hence, safer. The device is washable, breathable, and has a removable exterior skin if you grow bored of the style. The helmet meets EU EN-1078 and US CPSC EN-1078 cycle helmet safety requirements, which is the most crucial aspect.

The campaign, which just recently began, is succeeding tremendously. With one month left, the seemingly modest $50,000 objective has already been more than doubled. Backers can anticipate receiving Diamond in the spring in one of three sizes.

Cost: $79 and up

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