Disable WhatsApp Calls: An App To Disable WhatsApp Calls

Tired of free WhatsApp calls? Don’t you use them? We show you how to deactivate free WhatsApp calls.

For weeks the world went literally crazy with the famous free WhatsApp calls. The peculiar activation mode chosen by those responsible for the popular messaging application caused a kind of collective madness for being the first to be able to enjoy such a peculiar feature.

Today the waters are already running calm and anyone who wants to can enjoy WhatsApp calls whenever they want on both iOS and Android .

But of course, it never rains to everyone’s liking, and there are not a few who now “pest” the WhatsApp call service: low sound quality, excessive data consumption, annoyances, confusion when not distinguishing a normal call from a call WhatsApp, are some of the most frequent complaints.

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If this is your case, don’t worry, there is the possibility of deactivating WhatsApp calls once and for all, and in no less than two different ways.

The first is none other than returning to a previous version of WhatsApp that does not have the call service implemented, 2.11 or lower. Just uninstall the current version (previously making a backup), download the corresponding APK file and enable “Allow unknown sources” in the security options of your Android.

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The advantage of this system is that you will be able to forget, for the moment, WhatsApp calls, although you will lose the new design based on Material Design and it is more than likely that within not long they will force you to update to the latest version under threat of losing the service.

The second alternative to deactivate WhatsApp calls is called Disable WhatsApp Calls, an app that you can download for free on Google Play and whose function is none other than to divert all WhatsApp calls to the traditional GSM telephone dialer. To do this, you simply have to give the application permission to access the system notifications.

Disable WhatsApp Calls, the application to cancel WhatsApp calls, and works on a device with Android version 4.4 or higher. It works perfectly for outgoing calls, in the case of incoming calls it is in beta phase and its operation is more erratic (it rejects the incoming WhatsApp call and responds with an outgoing call via GSM, which is a cost).

The app to disable free WhatsApp calls does not modify or interact directly with WhatsApp, so there is no danger of possible bans from the messaging application.

Regarding the WhatsApp instant messaging program, the most anticipated novelty in recent times, along with the arrival of its Material Design interface , was the appearance of VoIP calls for everyone without having to resort to little tricks such as receiving the call. from one of the first experimental users to get activated . Some time has passed since the landing of free calls on WhatsApp for everyone, and the truth is that there are opinions for all tastes regarding this functionality. The point is that it is not something that everyone likes.

An App To Disable WhatsApp Calls

Some of the most frequent drawbacks that can be heard are related to a sound quality not too good or high data consumption when using VoIP calls without being connected to a WiFi network. The question is that in case you are one of those dissatisfied by the quality or by the consumption of data, there is a solution for it. It would be more correct to say that there are two solutions, but we recommend not resorting to the one that consists of installing an old WhatsApp APK, since apart from sooner or later you will have to update the app , it can lead to security problems.

That said, you do not have to be discouraged, because the answer to how to disable WhatsApp calls exists, it is easy and it is free. Specifically, we are referring to an Android application called Disable WhatsApp Calls. If you give it permission to install the system notifications when installing it, you will have the possibility to deactivate incoming and outgoing calls from the popular instant messaging app. The only thing you should know is that although it is free, in case you try to make a WhatsApp call with Disable WhatsApp Call installed, instead you will make a conventional call, so it may entail costs with your operator or consumption of minutes of your voice rate.

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