Dishes For A Complete And Healthy Vegetarian Menu

Are you a vegetarian or have you decided to join this lifestyle? In any case we can help you! Today we guide you to create a simple, nutritious and healthy vegetarian menu. Follow us!

Dishes to get a vegetarian menu

The key to a vegetarian diet is to have vegetables in the main meals and that this is complemented with a portion of protein foods such as legumes or seitan. It is important that, in addition to devising a vegetarian menu without products of animal origin, a healthy diet is sought with healthy fats, whole grains and rich in fruit.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You will see that there is a lot of variety and that you can play with many ingredients. We give you some options to start the day with energy:

  • Vegetable drink (oatmeal, almonds, walnuts, coconut ...) and whole peanut butter toast.
  • Porridge of vegetable drink, half a banana, strawberries, walnuts and rolled oats.
  • Fruit, natural yogurt and muesli.
  • Whole wheat toast with olive oil, soy smoothie with a tablespoon of cocoa powder and fruit.
  • Orange cake and matcha tea.
  • Avocado and tomato toast and coffee with vegetable milk.


To follow a menu of vegetarian meals , we give you these ideas:

  • Grilled wild asparagus.
  • Lasagna with spinach, raisins and pine nuts.
  • Baked vegetables spread with hummus.
  • Chickpea salad with egg, olives, tomato and corn.
  • Beans sautéed with tofu, quinoa and sun-dried tomatoes.
  • Whole wheat pasta with lentil bolognese.
  • Potato and vegetables with seitan.
  • Pasta salad and soy burger with sesame.
  • Lentils with rice and vegetables.
  • Aubergines stuffed with textured soybeans

For dessert you can opt for a fruit salad or pieces of unique fruit such as strawberries, cherries or an orange. If you prefer yogurt, a soy one is also a great choice.


And as for vegetarian dinners, we give you these proposals:

  • Steamed artichokes with a splash of lemon.
  • Tofu garnished with red onion.
  • Broccoli or pea cream.
  • French omelette, with mushrooms or vegetables.
  • Vegetable burger with guacamole and lamb’s lettuce.
  • Miso soup with rice and vegetables.
  • Quinoa sauteed with tofu and seaweed.
  • Grilled tofu with baked potatoes.
  • Couscous with vegetables.
  • Homemade pizza with zucchini and mushrooms.

Tips for a healthy and nutritious vegetarian diet

We ended up giving you some tips to get a quality vegetarian menu. Take note!

  • Pay attention to making up for the lack of animal protein. Protein deficiency in vegetarian diets is usually a common practice. It is essential to enrich the dishes with plant foods rich in protein such as legumes and, if you combine them with rice, for example, they achieve a nutritional contribution equivalent to that of meat and fish.
  • Bet on tofu and seitan as meat substitutes. Thus, you will get a vegetarian diet rich in protein.
  • To benefit from the omega 3 fats that fish would provide you, you should increase the consumption of nuts and vegetable fats. Nuts, peanuts, olive oil, flax seeds, chia ... You have many alternatives, take advantage of them!
  • Try to make your daily menu healthy, varied and made up of foods with high nutritional value.
  • Reinvent your vegetarian menu with new recipes. The options are endless and there are more and more proposals for nutritious and delicious vegetarian dishes. Take advantage of your diet!

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