Disney and Garmin are collaborating on the company's newest activity tracker for children

From today on, the ever-growing family of Garmin wearables is going to have to make room for one more member. This one is designed just for children, and it is an updated model of the wildly successful Vivofit Jr. for children that the firm offers.

The Vivofit Jr. 2 includes two significant improvements over its predecessor. The first edition of the product only had a screen that displayed in black and white, but the updated model features a color screen that is always on. The second piece of news is that Garmin has collaborated with Disney to produce a variety of branded styles. This contains a theme based on Star Wars, Marvel’s Stretchy Avengers, Minnie Mouse and her friends, and Marvel in general.

According to Cliff Pemble, president and chief executive officer of Garmin, “The Vivofit jr. 2 is all about making fitness fun for youngsters, imparting at a young age the joy of leading an active lifestyle.”

“It is an honor for us to collaborate with Disney in such an innovative way, tapping into the creativity of their creative narrative expertise,” said the company. By working together across the Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel brands and incorporating their characters and storylines into our product and mobile app, we are able to provide children and the adults who care for them with a gamified approach to physical activity that is unparalleled.

You still have access to all of the wonderful features that were available on the first generation device. This offers a variety of educational mobile adventures for the children, as well as family step challenges designed to encourage the parents to get off the couch. Young children have a daily activity goal of sixty minutes, and when they meet that goal, they unlock entertaining facts and a mobile adventure trail. The tracker not only monitors sleep but also serves as a reminder for children to maintain an active lifestyle by displaying a move bar.

The ability for parents to give their children chores to do around the house will once again be available, and Vivofit Jr. will remind the child when it is time to finish those activities. These can be scheduled to repeat on a daily or even weekly basis at your discretion. The tasks that you give your children can even earn them virtual coins, which they can later use to obtain in-app incentives for themselves.

A smartphone app geared for parents is included with the purchase of the water-resistant fitness tracker. You are able to add numerous children to the app so that you can monitor all of your children’s daily activities in one location. In addition, characters from each band will make an appearance in the mobile app.

The wearable device from its initial generation that has sold the most units is likely the one that offers the most comprehensive set of features for children aged 4 and older. The new, improved tracker of the second generation should have no trouble competing with its predecessor in terms of market share. You may read our review of the pioneering device by clicking on the link provided above.

Vivofit Jr. 2 is now available for purchase on Amazon as of today. Bands to wear as accessories can be purchased separately if desired.

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