Do you enjoy dozing off on the job? This business will compensate you to stay in bed while wearing a wristwatch.

A mattress company is going to pay three lucky workers a total of £600 (about $800) apiece - just for napping on the job! It states that it wants to “redefine the way the world sleeps” with the support of a team of testers and that it is seeking such a team.

Both UK mattress manufacturer Simba and task contracting platform Airtasker are responsible for the posting of the available position. They are seeking three people to participate in a sleep patterns research that will last for one full month.

Those who are selected will receive a congratulatory Simba mattress to sleep on, in addition to a Fitbit Versa to monitor the amount of time that they spend sleeping. Oh, and let’s not overlook the $600 in paychecks, should we? When you factor in the value of the complimentary presents, the remuneration most likely reaches one thousand dollars.

It does not come as much of a surprise that Versa was selected for this responsibility. The product is the most recent innovation to come from Fitbit.

The most recent evaluation that we conducted revealed that it is an outstanding fitness watch. It provides in-depth information on the stages of light, deep, and REM sleep as well as awake time. Additionally, the watch is equipped with cutting-edge sleep tracking and analysis capabilities, both of which were released earlier this year.

The candidates who are ultimately selected will be required to keep a sleep journal in order to demonstrate their ability to monitor and analyse their own sleep patterns, as well as to investigate whether and how certain relatively minor adjustments to their daily routines can enhance the quality of their slumber This might refer to their eating habits, the time they went to bed, the effect their everyday activities have on their sleep, or anything else.

You have till the 9th of August to submit your application on the website of Airtasker if you think that this may be the job of your dreams. To make matters worse, there have already been close to a thousand applicants who have registered for the three positions that are now available. According to the firm, including a humorous, absurd, or unforgettable anecdote about sleeping on your online application can increase your chances of being hired.

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