Excellent Collection Of Apple Watch Bands We Like

Excellent Collection Of Apple Watch Bands We Like

On Reddit, a user shared a photo of his Apple Watch band collection. It’s absolutely enormous!

What is the total number of Apple Watch bands you own? It’s always good to have a few extras on hand. They can be useful in the event of damage or simply to brighten things up. Some people compare having just one band to only having one pair of shoes. However, a Reddit member known as u/toxtrepla has taken this to a new level.

Some people enjoy collecting stamps, while others enjoy collecting watch bands. An image of his watch band collection may be seen above and below. All of the rainbow’s colors are present.

“I felt like it was a waste of a collection before I posted them on the wall because I alternated between 10 or so all of the time,” he adds.

“It’s much easier to take one down and wear it more regularly once it’s out in the open.” Every day I’ve been wearing a different band! It also helps to keep things looking new. “

Every single one of these appears to be a genuine Apple Watch band, rather than a cheap third-party knockoff. He lucked out and didn’t have to pay full price for them. With a few exceptions, the majority of the collection is utilized. He also purchased it in bulk.

Imagine how much more expensive they would be if they were all purchased from Apple. The Reddit user claims he paid an average of $19 for each band, totaling more than $3,000 given the collection’s size of over 160 bands.

When you consider the amount of time and effort required to compile such a large collection, it’s astounding. He even labeled everything, making everything look beautiful and tidy. It’s so big that it resembles a store!

 As keen viewers will notice, there are no leather Hermès bands. u/toxtrepla claims he hasn’t thought about it. However, he might take a chance on one and only one. He describes it as a “rabbit hole even though I haven’t ventured down yet!” He hasn’t made the transition to metal yet, but he doesn’t rule it out.

Needless to say, many Reddit users were critical, citing squandered money, low resale value, and other issues.

“I fully expected that sort of response from some folks, and that’s fine with me.” It isn’t for everyone, just as not every collection or pastime is.

Toxtrepla likes the Leather Loop – Sunset (Orange) Sport Band – Cornflower or Seafoam Loop – Nike Hyper Grape or Papaya.

What are we to say? It’s lovely, impressive, and a little unsettling all at once.

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