If you have ever dreamed of a large snake, you may be worried about what it could mean. Many cultures believe that seeing a snake in your dream is bad luck or an omen of some imminent danger.

Although there are many interpretations and explanations of snake dreams, the general meaning remains the same. Large snakes in your dreams represent something in your life that has grown so large that it now poses a threat or has started to control other elements of your life.

The meaning of large snakes in your dreams can also reflect anxiety about someone who is overbearing or domineering, or has gained control over you in some way. Perhaps you feel that someone stands in the way of your success or happiness, and represents obstacles or barriers in your life.


If you see a snake with a very long tail, this can symbolize longevity and wisdom, or perhaps a long-lasting friendship. If the snake is shedding its skin, this can signify a new phase in your life, or perhaps a new understanding of something that has been troubling you.

If you are feeding the snake, it could mean that you are being overly protective of others and should allow them more freedom and independence. If the snake is eating you, it could mean someone is taking advantage of you or draining you of your resources.

If you see a dead snake, it could mean that someone has taken control of a situation that you were a part of, or perhaps that you have moved on from a situation or relationship in your life.


A snake that slithers and moves slowly can be a dream that is telling you that you are holding something back in your life. Perhaps you are holding back your feelings or desires out of fear, or out of concern that others will not approve of you. The snake can represent your fears or anxieties that have grown so large that they have taken control of your actions and decisions.

Snakes that hiss or move quickly and aggressively can be a sign that you have left those fears and anxieties behind and have begun to overcome them. Perhaps you have faced someone who was standing in your way, or you have taken steps towards achieving something you have wanted for a long time.


If you see a snake coiled around your feet, this could mean that you have lost your self-esteem and feel powerless, perhaps because of problems in your life. This snake can represent a relationship or a situation where you have relinquished much of the control and allowed someone else to take the initiative.

You may feel like others are controlling your life and not allowing you to achieve your goals or be the person you want to be. If this is the meaning of your dream, then you may feel that you need to assert yourself more and stand up for your rights as an individual.


If you see a snake coiled around your neck, this can represent someone who has control over your actions and decisions. You are allowing this person to determine your future and decide what is best for you.

This snake can also symbolize your feelings of being stuck, perhaps because of a marriage or relationship that has gone sour, or because of a job that is too demanding and stressful.

If you dream that you are strangled by a snake, it could mean that someone has taken advantage of your generosity or kindness, or that you are feeling drained by someone who is taking up more of your time and energy than it should be.


If you are terrified of snakes and you dream of large snakes, this dream will probably make you feel afraid and worried. Even if you are not afraid of snakes, such a dream could make you feel anxious.

If you dream of snakes, try to think about what snakes do and how they look.

If snakes move slowly, you may be holding something back in your life. If they hiss or slide quickly, you may have put your fears behind you and are starting to get over them.

If snakes are eating or drinking, you may have given too much of yourself to others and need to defend yourself more. If they are shedding, you may be entering a new phase of your life or understanding something better.

If snakes wrap around your feet or around your neck, someone has taken control of your life or is trying to.


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