You go to sleep so peacefully and suddenly you are on a pirate ship. You have found a treasure! You plunge your arms into your chest and when you pull them out they are covered in gold bracelets and rings, and your hands are full of valuable doubloons. Joy makes you wake up in your bed, but only the sheets remain in your hands. And you wonder, half pissed off, what the hell does it mean to dream of gold jewelry .

You may remember other posts such as dreaming of jewels or dreaming of diamonds , in which we commented that these types of dreams are related to our perception of wealth, although it is not always material wealth... We will see it below with the following meanings of dreaming with gold jewelry .

What does it mean to dream of Gold Jewelry? 

Let's start: when dreaming of gold jewelry, think about any detail of the dream that could be useful to you, for example, who you were with, what you felt , what jewelry you had or if it wasn't yours... and remember that the language of dreams is very staff!

1. Dreaming of gold jewelry: general meaning

As you can imagine, dreaming of gold jewelry actually has a very logical meaning, since dreams in which valuable objects appear refer to what we believe is most valuable in our lives. And we are not just referring to material value: jewelry, and especially gold, which we remember is one of the most appreciated minerals, can refer to our possessions, but also to our family and friends.

In addition, the jewels can refer to something else: your own value. They are a reflection of the conception you have of yourself and your worth.

Finally, there are those who maintain that having this type of dream can refer to problems that are yet to come . There are even those who associate it with a robbery or a hoax, especially if you are wearing them, possibly because of the power of attraction that this material has for thieves and bad people.

2. What do you do with the jewelry?

When dreaming of gold jewelry, what we do with them can determine whether the dream has one meaning or another. Let's see some examples:

  • Wearing gold jewelry is usually associated with being the victim of a robbery or a hoax.
  • Selling jewelry made of this material may refer to financial problems or poor communication.
  • On the other hand, dreaming of buying gold jewelry indicates just the opposite: a good time financially.
  • Losing jewelry in your dream can mean that you are going through a bad time, possibly with physical losses.
  • On the other hand, finding the jewels has the opposite meaning, since it means that your problems will be solved by magic.
  • If you dream of throwing away gold jewelry, it is possible that you are rethinking your priorities in life, that is, you need to reflect on what you consider valuable.
  • If someone gives you gold jewelry in your dream, take a good look at who that person was, since this dream is associated with a very good relationship with that someone. It is the same case if it is you who gives jewelry to someone.

3. Dreaming of lots of gold jewelry

Although it may not seem like it, dreaming of lots of gold jewelry does not have a very positive meaning. Normally this dream is associated with a state in which you are surrounded by supposedly valuable things, but in reality they do not have to be . It is recommended that you think about what really gives you value in your life.

On the other hand, it is also possible that this dream has a much more literal meaning , for example, that you are having a bad time and that you need money, which translates into this type of dream.

4. The type of jewelry

The types of gold jewelry that we find in our dream can also give us an idea of what it means:

  • Wearing a gold ring reflects a happy love relationship and successful affairs.
  • Gold bracelets can indicate an inheritance or someone who is trying to trick you.
  • Anklets are a bad sign, they refer to chains, which can mean a situation in which you feel trapped.
  • gold necklace can be a symbol of new responsibilities, albeit in a very positive and work-related sense.
  • Finally, a gold belt is a very good sign, since it is customary to associate it with a good economic moment.

How to avoid dreaming of gold jewelry?

Dreams are not always fun and when they are repeated ad nauseam they can be very annoying. Dreaming of gold jewelry is no exception. That is why it is recommended that, to prevent sleep from visiting you night after night, you meditate on what it means and apply it in your daily life.

Likewise, breathing and relaxation exercises are very useful . You have different options that can help you fall asleep, for example, imagine that you are in a quiet and familiar place, take a deep breath and try to empty your mind of thoughts. You can also try counting backwards slowly, it's foolproof!

Dreaming of gold jewelry has a quite logical meaning, although it is always helpful to have a guide, right? Tell us, did you know these meanings of sleep? Have you dreamed of something you want to share? What do you think you can say? We are waiting for you in the comments!


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