Dreaming of pig or pigs is common, it turns out that we are able to associate with them and fall into those instincts, although it is more common to have this type of dreams if you live near the sector where they are raised. One possibility for this to happen is that you maintain a feeling of suffocation and dirtiness from something you did previously and remorse has not left you alone. Although it has its negative meanings, it also has positive ones , since everything will depend on what is happening to you and the development of the dream scenes. As said before, it is more common if you have had these animals near or seen some images that impressed you, a film or documentary. Sometimes the subconscious can reveal things to you from things that you have seen and that you are feeling when you see them, but you had ignored them. Now if there is no previous connection before the dream with this species, then it is sure that you should do an interpretation work that connects what happened before, during and after. Three of the most common interpretations is that you must relieve your body and mind of a very heavy load and for this you must meet the person you have made suffer and express that you are sorry and more if the dream is recurrent. The second most common is to feel that the same way they see them they see you. If you do not feel comfortable with yourself, people will notice it and it will be more uncomfortable for you, so it is preferable that with acceptance exercises you consider yourself what you really are, an ordinary human being with mistakes and defects . And the third, is associated with an attitude of detachment from their environment, they cannot approach or treat people who are close or share the same space with you. It may be that this feeling is associated with selfishness and that you are taking an unpleasant path, since it is not others but you who have not given the opportunity to meet them. Let's see next what your dream world has told you

You and the pigs

Dreaming that you eat pork

To dream that you eat pork meat is a sign that you are ready to return to the normality of things, that is, to the routine of work, university, etc. Make your goals possible and accept the help of others to achieve it. Additional Reading: Dream About Toads And Frogs – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

Dreaming that a pig bites you

To dream that a pig bites you, it means that someone you appreciate within the family or group of friends will betray you . Be very careful to specify who it is.

Dreaming that you are petting a pig

Dreaming that you are petting a pig is your deepest desire to get money as quickly as possible. For this you must work hard so that success reaches you or you to him, since nobody receives without doing anything. Your attitude seems that it is not comfortable in this regard and you must be more hard-working to achieve what you want.

Situation with pig

Dreaming that you see pigs cry

To dream that you see pigs crying is a warning that serious news is approaching that caused you great pain and your loved ones. Times of reflection and suffering will come. It is a very strong time for you, you must strengthen yourself with people of your esteem or advocate to your projects

Dreaming that you see a pig screaming very loudly

To dream that you see a pig screaming very loudly, is the warning that there is bad news around you that you must hear and that will cause deep pain. You must be prepared for this type of event. Don't feel defeated, just understand that it is a temporary situation.

Dreaming that we see some pigs crawling

To dream that we see some pigs crawling, means that there are relationships with people who do not favor you or make you grow as a person and rather the opposite. Get rid of people who do you no good. It is easy for you to distinguish between good and bad people, you just have to be more cautious and observe the people with whom you surround yourself more.

Dreaming that you see a dead pig

To dream that you see a dead pig is an indication that the businesses that are about to be executed or are already being carried out are not quite right . You may be doing something wrong and these pigs are the alert that will help you accommodate what you need. Don't let your earnings stall.

Dreaming of a pig that is wild

Dreaming of a pig that is wild, has to do with the need to be free and clear up a few days to be able to have a more positive energy and full of life before things. It is normal that humans deserve changes to get rid of the monotony of the days. It is recommended that you give yourself a walk or a day off and choose to go to a natural site. It is very gratifying that you get in touch with nature. Further Reading: Dream About Lice or Nits – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

Dreaming that the pig is upset

Dreaming that the pig is upset reveals that the problems at home are bigger than previously thought and affect you greatly. Although, its other meaning has to do with love, but that love that does not give itself completely , that you do not take the reins seriously. In this way, the best thing will be to make the decision to be clear about what you want to live with peace of mind and not suffer. You are dissatisfied with a situation you face and this is what you must attend to immediately. Staying in a state of discomfort does not help you flow in your projects or in your work, which brings you consequences that you can avoid. This dream is a call to synderesis.

Pig head 

Dreaming that you only see the head of the pig

To dream that you only see the head of the pig, means that you have not finished matters that you still have pending . It is now time to make a list of pending items and place them in a hierarchical order and start acting one at a time.

Dreaming that you see the head of the pig with blood

To dream that you see the head of the pig with blood, has to do with nearby disappointments that you will experience . You must protect yourself from these bad situations. It is a dream that you must attend to. Your alert message in time so that the blow is not hard. Take a good look at your surroundings, someone is not acting well and it is this person who will give you a hard blow.

Dreaming that you see the pig's head on the ground

To dream that you see the head of the pig on the ground, is an indication that there are people around you that you love and trust, and it turns out that they are talking behind your back . Strengthen your esteem and ignore gossip, unless there is certainly something you need to amend and you know.

Pig size and appearance

Dreaming that you see small pigs

To dream that you see small pigs is a sign of inferiority . Do not feel unable to emerge as a person or perform certain activities of pleasure, each person has their time and we all have limitations. This may happen because of the rejection of people around you, but these pigs warn you that you cannot allow yourself to be carried away by the wrong intentions of others. Additional Reading: Dream About Chicken (Hen) – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

Dreaming of a large pig

Dreaming of a large pig is a good sign for future gains in recognition and success in business , so if you see not just one but several, it will be better for you economically. It is a good opportunity to invest.

Dream of a thin pig

Dreaming of a thin pig means the opposite of what was previously described. You will have family meetings or with friends that will not represent a good experience and the solution will be that you make your own decisions and have control of everything. Finances will be a bit short . That is to say, they are sufficient but not abundant as to waste or make expenses without measure.

Dreaming of pigs that are clean

To dream of pigs that are clean, means the liberation of toxic people that hurt you and that were not reliable at all. It can be an ex-partner or a former partner where honesty and deception is not involved, so you have to be careful and not believe anything that happens or says.

Dream of a dirty pig

Dreaming of a dirty pig is an indication that the actions you are taking make others have a totally wrong perception of you and see you as they see pigs when they are dirty, with disgust.

Dream of a sow

Dreaming of a sow indicates fertility and a lot of prosperity . If you were looking to get pregnant, this dream is an excellent sign of good faith that it will be so. You will have a child you will love unless your goal is not that, then you will have to protect yourself much more from now on.

Pig color

Dreaming of black pigs

Dreaming of black pigs is associated with problems that you have been having with your family, promoted by disagreements and arguments . You feel that the balance in your life is failing and that you calm this somewhat disturbed by all the hustle and bustle. It is advised that if you do not change this situation you may lose strong ties with them.

Dreaming of white pigs

Dreaming of white pigs has to do with changing a situation that worries you or caused you pain. Now things will be better, you will have more economic abundance and moments of peace and spiritual calm. Further Read: Dream About Ticks – Spiritual And Biblical Meaning

Dream About Brown Pigs

It is related to turbulence in your environment. The communication you have is not the most effective and therefore there are frequent confusion . You must channel your ways of dialogue.

Dreaming of pink pigs

It is a dream of good omen, as it represents health and well-being for the dreamer. Your affairs are channeled in the best way. You should use this time to make ambitious plans.

Baby pig

Dreaming that you see baby pigs

To dream that you see baby pigs, is the sign of fertility and prosperity . The abundance of satisfactions is coming to you with a new member of the family who will bring you peace and wisdom.

Dreaming that you see a sow feeding her young

To dream that you see a sow feeding her young is a positive sign that will make times of struggle and difficulty come to an end . The days of deceit and pain are ending to give way to peace, love and balance.

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