If you dream of rain and your partner, it is a sign that your personal relationship is under strain and could be headed for trouble. Rain symbolizes clarity, since water purifies everything around it. When you are faced with problems in your relationship, the first thing that comes to your mind is to take a break from each other and spend some alone time so that you both know what you want from the other person. Your dream suggests the same.

If you dream that you get soaked in the rain together with her lover, this means that soon there will be an improvement in your relationship and things will return to normal. Heavy rain also means that there are issues that need to be addressed, but they will not cause great damage to your relationship; rather it is a cleansing process.


If you see your ex in your dream, it means that you are still holding on to some feelings for him and you are not ready to let him go yet. You are still not able to move on and move towards a better future. You should try to accept the relationship with your ex and learn to forgive him so that you can move on with your life.

If you are happy to see your ex in your dream, it means that you have forgiven him and moved on. You are ready to have a new relationship with them and you are looking forward to a new relationship.

If you dream that you have sex with your ex, it means that you are not yet ready to end the relationship with him. Maybe there are some problems that have not been solved yet.

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If in your dream the rain only falls and does not soak you, it means that some problems in your life are affecting you, but they will not affect you to a great extent. You dream of a light rain when you have minor problems. You dream of heavy rain when you are going through difficult problems to solve.

If you dream that rain falls on you and your partner, it means that both of you are facing some problems together. If rainwater is rising in your dream, it means that there are problems that need to be addressed, but they will not cause great damage to your relationship; rather it is a cleansing process. If in your dream you try to escape from the rain, it means that you are trying to escape from the problems that worry you.


If you see someone drowning in your dream and you try to save them but fail, it means that you are disappointed in yourself for your inability to help someone in need. You feel inferior. You try to save someone from drowning in your dream because you feel responsible for them and you want to help them out of that situation. If you fail to save that person in your dream, it means that you may not be able to help someone who needs your help. You may not be able to solve your problem. If you are not able to save yourself from drowning in your dream, it means that you feel powerless when it comes to facing the problems in your life.


If you see a corpse in your dream, it means that you are afraid of the future. You are worried about what may happen in the future. The dead body you see may be that of your parents or that of someone very close to you. If you are a woman, you may see a dead baby. If you dream that you are holding a dead body in your arms, it means that you are emotionally attached to an old belief or dead relationship. If you see a dead person you know, it means that you will experience changes in your life that you will not like.

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If you see yourself crying in your dream, it means that you are going through some problems in your life. You may feel sad because of some disappointments in your life. You may be facing some difficulties in your relationships. If you dream that your loved ones cry, it means that you feel sad for them and try to comfort them.


Dreams are in themselves something fascinating. The amount of symbolism in dreams is overwhelming. When you dream, your mind works on the issues that are on your mind. It can be anything from a difficult conversation you had during the day to worries you have about the future.

Therefore, dreams can sometimes be a bit dark. That is why the interpretation of dreams is so important. When you understand what your dreams are trying to tell you, you can work to find a solution and make the most of your sleep time.

Now that you know what rain means in dreams, perhaps you can find out the meaning of other strange symbols as well.


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