Dropshipping with AliExpress: Aspects to keep in mind

At present there are many people who want to get income through the Internet, but do not know where to start. Mounting an ecommerce from scratch can pose many problems, mainly related to stock and logistics. That is why many have found their solution in dropshipping with Aliexpress, which allows you to distribute items of any category, with interesting margins and without worrying about storage and shipments. Aliexpress brings benefits to distributors, but can also bring problems due to the quality of certain items and unreliable suppliers. Let’s see how to succeed with the dropship on Aliexpress and not die trying.

What is dropshipping on AliExpress

The basics of dropshipping

First of all, we must understand what dropshipping consists of . Dropshipping is a great way to sell on the Internet without the concerns associated with stock. In this distribution system, the consumer buys the product in your ecommerce, you make the order to the dropshipping supplier and the latter sends the item directly to the buyer. A dropshipping provider is, after all, an integral logistics operator, who deals with storing the products and sending them to your client in your name.

Interesting, right?

AliExpress in a few words

There are few who do not know what Aliexpress is today. This Chinese company, belonging to the Alibaba group, has gained much acceptance worldwide. Through its website you can sell and buy things just like on Amazon or Ebay.

Its popularity is based on the wide range of products of all kinds with incredibly low prices. AliExpress has a wide selection of categories and sellers who offer their products at the factory price. It is important to mention that AliExpress has also gained a lot of acceptance because it handles security policies so that the transactions between client and seller are satisfactory.

Thanks to its huge catalog and its low prices, Aliexpress has become a good option to consider when choosing a Chinese dropshipping supplier .

However, Aliexpress can also bring problems, and that is why many companies choose to choose closer suppliers.

  • The quality of the products sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Chinese items do not stand out because of their finish, and sometimes our customers will be unhappy. It is important to review well what we are going to sell.
  • The delivery times can be eternal: This is not a surprise. Aliexpress does not stand out for its delivery times. In fact, it is not uncommon for us to buy an item and receive it 3 months later.
  • We will not have traceability: The supplier is in charge of the shipment and once the product is sent, we will stop knowing where it is. If our clients ask us for information about it, we will be unable to give it to them.

In this sense, we have to put in the balance the different factors and see if we compensate for the very economic price with the disadvantages of trade with China.

How to make drop shipping with AliExpress

AliExpress has “globalized” the purchase of products from China. Thanks to this platform, anyone can access articles at paltry prices and receive them at home.

China is the country that offers the most opportunities to new merchants from the rest of the world to start a successful virtual business, due to the low cost of the merchandise and the possibility of sending the purchased products free of charge.

Almost all wholesalers in China allow people to buy their products with the option of dropshipping on Aliexpress. Once you get the ideal supplier you should emphasize that you are doing drop shipping and when your customers receive the merchandise they will only see the name of your store and the recipient as sender. That is to say, that the identity of our supplier must be kept secretly in order to prevent our clients from contacting him directly.

Aspects of dropshipping on AliExpress

Doing dropship on Aliexpress is simpler than it seems. To start, and how could it be otherwise, you will have to create an ecommerce. You can create your virtual store on the platform you prefer: Woocommerce (WordPress), Prestashop, through Facebook ... The investment you have to make will not be very high if you create a simple store.

Remember, you choose the category of products you want to sell. We recommend that you choose a niche in which you have knowledge (or followers). It will always be easier to position a store in a particular sector than a general store (you can not compete with giants like Amazon).

In order to automate your catalog and your orders, we recommend that you use a plugin. The best known are Oberlo , a plugin to integrate Shopify with Aliexpress, and Aliplugin , which integrates your WordPress store with the affiliate network of the Chinese marketplace. These plugins will allow you to optimize the time you dedicate to your store, since you will be able to manage your AliExpress articles automatically according to your criteria and preferences. Among its main functions, include:

  • Import the products you want from AliExpress to your online store
  • Manage shipments with a few clicks
  • Update prices and merchandise at any time

AliExpress products are mostly quite cheap which allows you to establish the profit margin you want. However, it is recommended to have a 50% profit to cover marketing costs and that your items remain competitive compared to others very similar.

Keep in mind that, when doing drop shipping, you must rewrite the descriptions of your store’s products. The content of Aliexpress is not usually of high quality and, if you duplicate it, you lose twice: your buyers will not attract attention and Google will penalize your SEO for copying texts.

The importance of a good supplier in drop shipping with AliExpress

Let’s say you want to start your business selling sunglasses and other fashion accessories for women, but you do not know who to buy it since there are many options to choose from and thousands of sellers in AliExpress. In this sense, to make a deal with a seller you must take into account the following:

  • It is advisable to check the reputation of the seller in the publication of the product. You will find the qualification obtained by the sales made that, at least, should be positive by 95%.
  • Do not sell products that seem to be original and really are not. If you are not a certified vendor this can be considered as fraud or piracy.
  • Another way to know how good a supplier is is the number of sales. In that case, you must select order by sales and the system will provide you with a list of the best sellers.
  • The time that the seller has spent on AliExpress is paramount to trust that you can make purchases with him. You should not trust any provider that is less than a year old.
  • Download the AliExpress Seller Check extension in Google Chrome and this will help you to more quickly identify the reputation of the provider, which should be above 4 stars.
  • You will need reliable images to promote your products. In general, suppliers have photos in good definition of the items they offer. However, it is worth checking in Google if the photos have not been taken from other vendors.
  • Keep in mind that communication with the provider is the most important. Ask all the necessary questions before choosing a product for your store. The seller must answer your concerns in a short time; otherwise, it does not deserve your attention.

AliExpress shipments take too long. It’s a problem?

Delivery times for shipments vary depending on the country in which your client is located. In general terms, your future customers should be aware that they may have to wait up to 20 days to receive your shipment. You must be honest from the beginning so that the client is aware of the service that is being offered. Your provider should offer realistic information about delivery times.

Currently, in the United States and receive the packages in 2 weeks if they are sent with ePacket, so it is important to verify that the provider we have selected, offer this type of shipment. In this way, AliExpress will send you a tracking number to track the package.

There are large differences between the different types of shipments that providers offer:

  • ePacket, 7-14 days, depending on the geographic location of the client.
  • Shipments in 10 days or less, which usually have super high costs.
  • Shipments by mail from China, which can take up to 60 days to reach your destination. Does not have a tracking number for tracking.

The drop shipping with AliExpress is a great opportunity to make money without having many resources, just with an Internet connection and a pinch of motivation you can start a business that is attractive and very profitable for many.


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