EEC registration raises the possibility of the first smartwatch bearing the Poco brand

On the website of the Russian Electronics Certification organization (EEC), a regulatory filing for the first smartwatch to be sold under the Poco brand name was discovered.

For the benefit of those who might not be aware, Poco is a subsidiary of the global technology powerhouse Xiaomi. Since its founding in 2018, its product lineup has focused mostly on affordable smartphones in the mid-range price bracket. In its three years of existence, there have been a total of 11 products. Smartphones have been used for all of these, with most of them being rebranded Redmi smartphones.

According to this regulatory filing, it appears that Poco is currently attempting to broaden its scope of operations. The regulatory petition specifically references a smartwatch manufactured by Poco that is known by the model number M2131W1 (via leakster Piyush Bhasarkar on Twitter). The documentation bears a date of February 16th, 2022. This is the sole filing that has been made so far for the device; there is currently nothing on or the FCC ID database.

The previous screenshot from an EEC filing does not provide much information about the impending product. However, it does disclose one piece of information that is fascinating and useful: the smartwatch maker is 70mai. 70mai is yet another sub-brand of Xiaomi that offers a variety of dash cams for use in automobiles among its available goods.

It’s likely because 70mai already has a smartwatch under its belt, which was the deciding factor in its selection. The 70mail Saphir smartwatch was first introduced to the public two years ago and is an affordable wearable that can be used for various activities, including working out. The apparatus comes with a total of 17 different physical activities, including continuous monitoring of the user’s heart rate, monitoring the user’s sleep, breathing exercises, and more.

Likely, Poco’s product will likewise be reasonably priced, most likely coming in at under one hundred dollars. Even though we have access to the vast technical competence of Xiaomi, we do not really anticipate any advancements that will grab headlines. It is highly possible that it will be a repackaging of something that we have seen numerous times in the past. A branding effort and the creation of a gadget that may be appealing to individuals who are now carrying a Poco smartphone.

The information regarding the watch shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone. Late in 2021, Kevin Qiu, who served as the Global Head of the company, dropped hints about the possibility of expanding their product line.

According to what he shared, “we always consider smartphones plus IoT is a vital approach for us.”

The above statement suggests that Poco’s ambition is to develop a variety of smart goods, the scope of which may extend much beyond a simple smartwatch. In the future, the ecosystem may become home to standard Internet of Things devices such as power banks, audio products, and other similar items.

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