Eleven Awesome Features on the Galaxy Watch 4

1. Walkie-Talkie

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 now includes an Intercom capability, similar to Apple Watches. Two Galaxy Watch 4 users can converse with each other through this function. It’s as if you’re utilising a Walkie Talkie to have an immediate discussion.

This function isn’t available straight away on the device. Install Samsung’s official Walkie Talkie app, which was created specifically for Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic users.

It is advised that you link your wristwatch with your phone after it has been downloaded. You’ll be able to contact friends and others in your immediate vicinity after you’ve paired. A Walkie Talkie network is created by tapping on people around. Then it displays a password that you may share with anyone in your vicinity who wishes to join.

2. Make Animation Faster 

With Wear OS, you can now improve the pace of touchpad reaction and make it much more responsive. However, this capability is only accessible through the most advanced compartment, developer mode.

Developer mode is similar to an enclosure with a lot of intriguing stuff concealed within. The programmer mode, on the other hand, is concealed from the customer.

To activate developer mode, go to Options, then to About Watch, then to System, and click on Software version several times to activate.

Go to Preferences, then Developer Settings after the development feature is activated. Select 0.5x Motion Size from the Panel Animation Size drop-down menu.

The standard 1x motion level is substantially slower than the 0.5x animation level.

3. Changing Dial Configuration 

On the right side of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, there are two keys.

The first is the main key; a single press will take you to the start menu, while a dual tap will take users to the latest recently used app. The next icon is the return key, which allows you to return to a previous page. Rebinding buttons, on the other hand, allow you to create unique actions. Go to Preferences, then Additional Functions, and finally Configure Buttons to add custom actions.

You may specify customised activities to activate on-button contact using the customised buttons feature. You may, for instance, open any programme shortcuts, wake up Bixby, turn off the interface, switch to the previous page, see recent applications, and so on.

4. Answer Calls by Flicking Wrist

Receiving and refusing calls from the Galaxy Watch 4 is similar to prior Galaxy Watch versions. It’s handy since it provides convenience when responding to a call during a hectic professional routine.

Using motions to manage call activities provides convenience. You may return calls in moments using hand movements. Isn’t it amazing?

Go to Preferences, Additional Functions, Gestures, ‘Accept Calls,’ and Activate to enable Gestures for answering the phone. You may now return calls by waving your hand twice and leaning at the elbow.

To make Gestures available for refusing calls, follow these steps. Go to Options, Additional Functions, Gestures, Ignore notifications and calls, and Activate from the drop-down menu. You may now ignore calls or alerts by twisting your wrist twice.

5. Download Applications 

Wear OS by Google gives you access to a large number of applications on Google Play with the Galaxy Watch 4. Runkeeper, Google Maps, Spotify, AccuWeather, Google Pay, and more famous applications are available with Wear OS integration.

The availability of such applications will motivate you to use your wristwatch more frequently. Go to Menu and pick Google Playstore to look for specific applications or view the top choices.

6. Use a QWERTY Keyboard 

The default T9 style keypad is still included with the Galaxy Watch 4. It’s a form of keyboard that was once only supported by push button gadgets.

Machines with T9-style keyboards, on the other hand, have become outdated. We’re not sure why Samsung is still employing T9-style keypads. 

Thankfully, Google Play capability allows you to ditch the old-school keyboard in favour of Gboard, a qwerty keyboard. Lastly, you may download the Gboard app from the Google Play Store.

7. Bixby 

Bixby, Samsung’s authorised companion, is ready to help. To do so, go to the menus and launch the Bixby app. Alternatively, you may create a unique key to activate Bixby.

You can use Bixby to send texts, access particular apps, handle Samsung transactions, switch on the backlight, monitor the temperature, set appointments, and more just by saying “Hi Bixby.” Do you think you ‘re discounting Bixby?

Bixby, on the other hand, is far more formidable than you may assume. If you’re into exercise, you may begin your routine by stating “Start Exercise Bike,” and a rower device session will begin instantly.

Assume you’ve completed your rowing machine exercise and are ready to begin arm extensions. To do so, press and maintain the power button while saying “Start Conveyor.”

8. Alert Intensity 

Alerts may go unnoticed because of the preset vibrations. You have a good possibility of missing notification signals. You can, fortunately, increase the vibration’s strength.

To accomplish this, Set Vibration Level to “Strong” under Options, then Sounds & Vibration. Please remember that this option uses more energy, particularly if you get a lot of alerts.

9. Screenshot Functionality 

The Galaxy Watch 4 allows screen grab capturing in the same way as its forerunner. If you wish to keep your health statistics in a digital form, snapshots come in handy. This allows you to distribute the photograph among your colleagues.

To capture snapshots, press and hold the home and back buttons at the same moment. It will be saved to the gallery software on your watch. Long-press on the picture and touch the “share to smartphone” option to move it to your mobile. It will complete the task.

10. Lock Screen Password 

It’s critical to keep your critical data safe on your wristwatch. To do so, you’ll need to set up a passcode on your Galaxy Watch. Sequence, Password, and Pin number are the three modes of encryption available on the Galaxy Watch 4, exactly like on smartphones.

11. Rearrange Tiles

Do you have any idea what a tile is? The components on the Galaxy Watch 4 are referred to as tiles. A tile on the Galaxy Watch 4 is incredibly handy since it provides a wealth of features.

When you initially pick up your Galaxy Watch, it isn’t established in the ideal practical way. As a result, you’ll need to make changes.

Long tapping any tile will provide an editing choice. By clicking on edit, you may change the settings for that specific tile. To add fresh slabs, navigate to the bottom and select the add tile choice. Then, among the offered tiles, choose one.

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