Epson has unveiled their brand new collection of GPS multi-sport watches

This week, Epson released not one but five distinct run-focused GPS watches across a range of price points. The new ProSense line includes all of these products, which range in price from $99 to $399.

Printers are the first thing that come to mind when we think of Epson. However, many people are probably unaware that the corporation has been active in the wearables industry for the past few years. It all started with the company’s Pulsense activity tracking watches, which were followed by the Runsense range of products that the company developed.

The new ProSense range has dimensions of 47.0 by 47.0 and a depth of 15.5 mm (or 13.4 mm, depending on the model), and it provides the normal assortment of features that are found in running watches. This includes tracking activity (steps, distance, calories, and sleep), receiving notifications from your smartphone, and controlling your music from the device itself. Some of the models in the lineup also include sophisticated running data like VO2max, recovery, training effect, and estimated race times. However, the exceptional battery life of the GPS watches is what truly sets them apart from the competition.

The ProSense 17 and the ProSense 57 are the devices that are considered to be entry level. Both come with a 128 × 128 LCD display with modes for running, walking, and walking on a treadmill. The ProSense 17 has a longer battery life than the ProSense 57 (13 hours versus 10 hours), but the ProSense 57 also has a built-in heart rate monitor that takes measurements every second using noise-canceling sensors, algorithms, and a Transimpedance Amplifier, which makes the system more reliable. The ProSense 17 does not have a heart rate monitor.

The two watches, just like the rest of the collection, include a total of 5 buttons, audio alerts, vibratory alerts, and a water resistant rating of 5 ATM (as opposed to 10 ATM for higher-spec versions). Epson is celebrating the debut of their new product by releasing brand-new software as well as an app called Epson View.

The three most expensive watches in this collection all contain additional modes for cycling and swimming, making them suitable for use as triathlon watches. In addition, they come with Epson’s EasyView screen, which has a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels. This technology provides a distinctive electrophoretic display, often known as electronic paper, that has crisp optics and reduces glare.

The duration of the battery life is the primary feature that differentiates the three high-end units from one another. The screen on the ProSense 347 is made of Mineral Glass, while the screen on the ProSense 367 is made of Sapphire. When the GPS and heart rate monitors are activated, the Prosense 307 will continue to function for 20 hours, while the Prosense 347 and Prosense 367 will continue to function for 46 hours. In the activity tracking and watch modes, they will all continue functioning for a significantly longer period of time.

According to Katie Zimmermann, product manager for Epson Wearables, “one of Epson’s fundamental competencies is designing tiny, power-efficient, and highly precise components.” “This tiny bundle of proprietary chipsets, patented optical heart rate technology, and constant innovation enables runners and athletes a device on their wrist that will be a true training buddy, giving accuracy and reliability to validate their effort,” the author writes.

You are able to view the whole collection of timepieces available on Amazon.

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