Establishing a Connection Between Your Wearable Fitness Tracker and a Smart House

Establishing a Connection Between Your Wearable Fitness Tracker and a Smart House

If you have a fitness tracker or any other type of health-related device, you might be interested to learn that there is a way to incorporate it with a smart home utilizing a technique that is referred to as “if-this-then-that” (IFTTT). This means putting in a smart home system in your house, which can make your life easier by taking care of some tasks for you.

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Before getting started, it is essential to provide a high-level overview of the capabilities offered by IFTTT. This is a free web-based application that has been around for over ten years now and was developed so that anyone may use it to generate chains of basic conditional statements known as “applets.” Alterations that take place in one or more web services can cause an applet to become active. Every single day, users of IFTTT come up with around 20 million new “recipes.”

For instance, if you were to put on your Fitbit as you got out of bed in the morning, your home automation system would be able to tell that you were beginning to wake up and would start the coffee maker for you without you having to do anything. What about setting your alarm to activate a timer that turns the lights in your room on when you get up? When your Fitbit determines that you are not getting enough sleep, it may be helpful to receive a signal reminding you to go to bed earlier. Or, our personal favourite, you’ll receive an unpleasant telephone call if you haven’t reached your daily step goal by 10:30 p.m.

Your creative capacity is the only thing that might possibly limit the possibilities. You may learn more by visiting the Fitbit page on IFTTT. There are a wide variety of options available for prompts and actions to take.

But if you don’t have a Fitbit, you shouldn’t worry about it. There is a wide variety of supported hardware. To get you started, here are a few more ideas to consider:

Apple Watch

IFTTT is compatible with the Apple Watch, which is now the most widely used smartwatch in the world. How would you want to start each day with a different face on your Apple Watch? Or your watch notifying you of impending precipitation.


Scents have a remarkable impact on the brain and are a potent tool for setting the tone for the beginning and end of each day. Lavender and chamomile are both calming herbs that can help you unwind and have a good night’s sleep. In the morning, citrus and eucalyptus are both stimulating and will help you get more done. You can get a head start on the day by instructing your assistant to turn on the scent diffuser in your smart home “when you get up in the morning.”

Withings Sleep

This pad provides sleep tracking and automation for your entire house, and it goes easily beneath your mattress. Consider selecting the option that reads, “When I get into bed, adjust the temperature in the room so that it is comfortable for sleeping.” Or, a much better option: “Turn off the ringer on my phone when I get into bed.” 

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A Pavlok is a wearable device that can help you change negative habits by giving you a zap, vibration, or buzzer. For example, you can tell it, “If I don’t achieve my objectives on my Fitbit for steps, zap me!” Ouch… That ought to get your blood pumping!


The social media network for people that do sports! Applets, which automatically track your activities, can be enabled by saying things like “Sync weight measurements to Strava.”

Apple Health

The Health app for the iPhone brings together health data from a number of other apps so that progress may be tracked in a single location. For example, the app can “connect automatically to your bodyweight from your Withings scales” or “automatically sync your sleep measurements from Fitbit.”


This wearable monitors your sleep and motivates you to lead a healthier, more active life by displaying encouraging messages such as “Track your activities in Google Calendar.” You are able to make use of the Misfit Flash as a smart key if you are the device’s user. Different applets can be activated with a single push, double press, triple press, or long press, respectively.

Air by Propeller

Asthma control can be improved with the use of goods designed by Propeller. Receive a message on Facebook whenever there is a change in the asthma circumstances in your region.

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The everyday motivator and inspirer. This tool assists you in moving closer to achieving your objectives by providing you with targeted reminders along the way, such as “Push yourself to go out to the gymnasium.”

Making your own IFTTT recipe or downloading an applet does not require you to be a tech guru in any way, shape, or form. To get things rolling, go to the IFTTT web page and conduct a search for the appropriate applet for your health gadget. Then all you need to do is follow the directions on how to incorporate it into your intelligent home.

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