Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smartwatch User Opinions and Reviews

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smartwatch User Opinions and Reviews

The worst thing that might happen to a major tech company is for their plans to be made publicized online before they make their big announcement. Nevertheless, it’s becoming more widespread with each subsequent release. Xiaomi and its Mi Band 7 are the most recent companies to find themselves in hot water due to leaks. You are now in a position to determine if the most recent offering was worth the wait or not! We investigated the most recent assertions, and the findings are presented in this section.

Xiaomi will likely release the next iteration of its band as the Xiaomi Band 7, but there is no assurance that this will be the case. Xiaomi has utilized the numbering system for a significant amount of time to identify new versions of the Mi Band. Therefore, there is no evidence to suggest that they will take a different strategy to handle things this time around.

It is anticipated that the Mi Band 7 will be released as the Mi Smart Band 7 in countries outside of China, such as Europe and India. This will be the next fitness tracker to hit the market in China. Unfortunately, Xiaomi does not currently offer the Mi Band series for sale in the United States through its official channels; however, consumers who are interested in purchasing one can always import international models from third-party sellers.

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When is the Mi Band going to be made available?

On March 29, 2021, the Mi Band 6 was made available for purchase in China. Since it’s been a whole year since Xiaomi debuted its very first mobile phone, it’s about time the company unveiled its follow-up model.

According to the most recent information that has surfaced, we may receive additional details regarding the upcoming tracker’s release date within the next several weeks. The Mi Band 5 was only released by Xiaomi in June. Thus it is possible that the Mi Band 7 will arrive around the same time.

It has been confirmed that the Redmi Note 11T series will be launched in China on May 24, and it won’t only be the phones that are making their first appearance at the event. According to a statement that Xiaomi released, the Redmi Note 11T series and the Mi Band 7 are both going to be available for purchase on the same day. Recent new products introduced by a large number of Xiaomi’s rivals should serve as motivation for the company to promote this new and potentially lucrative band sooner rather than later.

What Will the Result Appear to Be?


You will need to make a few alterations to the design of your display in order to accommodate the larger size of the screen you intend to use. We believe that Xiaomi should refrain from making too many changes to the appearance of the Mi Band 7. The current design, which is in the shape of a pill and has a thin ring around it, accomplishes its goal effectively and should be maintained. On the other hand, the band’s straps are uninteresting and are only available in a single colorway. The most recent iteration of Xiaomi’s smartwatch may benefit from some brighter and sportier straps to spice things up a bit.


Since this time last year, consumers have been able to purchase the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, a wearable fitness tracker with a 1.56-inch AMOLED display and a battery life of up to 14 days. Since September 2021, Xiaomi has not provided any word regarding the prospect of the company producing a model of the seventh generation. Despite the fact that a leaker asserts to have discovered a new Mi Band hidden within the Zepp application code.

The display on the Mi Smart Band 6 is as large as it can possibly be for a fitness band without making the band too large to fit on the wrists of the majority of people. This is why it is included. If the rumored larger screen is ever going to become a reality, the display will need to be broader rather than taller in order to accommodate it. One design that exemplifies this style is the Redmi Smart Band Pro, which is equipped with a screen of 1.47 inches.

It would appear that Xiaomi has submitted a patent application for a wider display, which lends credence to the notion that the Mi Smart Band 7 could feature a more expansive screen. A different model like the Mi Smart Band 7 Pro is a possible alternative option. Maintaining the lozenge design, which has proven to be so profitable for Xiaomi, but simultaneously introducing a wearable in the style of a smartwatch would be beneficial for everyone involved.

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In addition, Magical Unicorn asserts that the display on the Mi Band 7 is far more significant than the one found on its predecessor and has a screen resolution of 192 by 490 pixels. They have come to the conclusion that the Mi Band 7 has a larger display than its predecessor, the Mi Band 6, despite the fact that there are still no dimensions that have been confirmed for the Mi Band 7. The Always-on Display (AoD) faces of the Mi Band have been discovered, confirming that the new Mi Band will retain the same display form as its predecessor.

If you believe that 2022 will be the year that the screen size will finally stabilize, you should reconsider your prediction. It would appear that Xiaomi is following in the footsteps of Huawei and Honor. The display on their most recent iteration of fitness bands is nearly twice as large as the one on the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 (1.64 inches wide). This has been accomplished by making the display’s central section far more expansive.

What will happen if they decide to alter the display?

Suppose Xiaomi chooses to proceed in that direction. The likelihood of success is growing with each passing day. In point of fact, this assertion appears to be supported by a Chinese patent that was issued relatively recently. It displays a Xiaomi “smart bracelet” that has a design that is highly similar to the one that is now available. The display, which is longer than the length of the strap, is the most notable difference between the two.

According to Magical Unicorn, a well-known and accurate leaker of Xiaomi and Huami wearables, the Smart Band 7 seems to be the device’s global moniker. Huami and Xiaomi are both Chinese companies. Magical Unicorn takes advantage of the name under which the Smart Band 7 was introduced in China, the Mi Band 7, as a point of reference. In accordance with the information provided by the leaker, the model numbers M2129B1 and M2130B1 have both been given the codename L55.

Inferences drawn from designs

Simply put, a large majority of consumers are satisfied with the Mi Band despite the limited number of design options available. This indicates that we do not anticipate seeing a watch that has an entirely distinct appearance from the Mi Band 6, but rather one that delivers modifications to the design that are more subtle. It would appear that the corporation intends to enhance the current state of affairs.

eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress are the three online marketplaces that have the best reputations among customers for selling and stocking the Mi Band.

One of the most significant changes that we anticipate is an upgrade in the display compared to the Mi Band 6 that is currently available. And that the user interface will be entirely based on touchscreen controls. By removing the requirement for the button, a more streamlined and sophisticated finish can be achieved in the design. Surprisingly, we do not anticipate any modifications to either the design or the material of the strap. The manufacturer is certain that what is already available is an excellent match for the new watch and has expressed this confidence.

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Will the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 have a longer battery life than its predecessor?

Because of the long life of the battery in the current edition, there is no need to be concerned about running out of power. The battery life has remained relatively the same throughout the years, despite the fact that more recent features have decreased overall power consumption. We anticipate that the Mi Band’s battery life will continue to be one of its most vital selling points in the future. It is now one of the top characteristics of the device.

On the other hand, the Mi Band 7’s power-hungry features will put a strain on the Mi Watch’s ability to run on its battery for an extended period of time. When the band is set to the Battery Saver mode, it will only record the user’s steps and the most basic information about themselves. Despite this, it is going to go on for a bit longer. The fact that this information has been leaked raises the possibility that Power modes will be included.

There have not been any reports or rumors circulating that the next Mi Band will arrive with a more advanced battery. In point of fact, the battery that powers the Mi Band 6 is the same one that powers the Mi Band 5. And why should one change? Customers have expressed their satisfaction with this for some time now. In light of this, it is reasonable to anticipate that the most recent iteration of the Mi Band will make use of the same 125mAh battery.

Should I anticipate improved support for notifications?

Rumors are circulating concerning the improvements that the Mi Band 7 will give in terms of notifications, and these rumors are getting a lot of attention. It is anticipated that the most recent model will notify you of missed calls, text messages, calendar items, reminders, and alarms, in addition to other types of notifications. With this level of support for notifications, the Mi Band 7 will be able to solidify its position as an intelligent lifestyle tracking companion that will make your day-to-day life easier.

Will There Be a Waterproof Option for the New Mi Band 7?

The current iteration of the Mi Band 6 has a water resistance rating of 5ATM. Therefore, there is reason to anticipate that the most recent design will provide an even higher level of resistance to water. If such is the case, this watch will immediately become more appealing to individuals who are into surfing and other water sports. If this is not the case, then you should be allowed to continue swimming while wearing it.

Which of These Brand-New Sensors Will Be Included Free of Charge with the Xiaomi Mi Band 7?

The pressure is on technology companies to include the largest possible range of functionalities in every product they sell in this day and age when concerns about one’s health and fitness are more significant than ever. Having said that, Xiaomi’s Mi Band 7 is definitely one to watch, especially when you consider it a cheap watch.

According to the leaks, we should be able to anticipate a heart rate monitor, a sleep tracker, and Sp02 monitor, a blood pressure monitor, and even weather sensors to assist us in navigating each day. These features provide fast access to your current state of health and enable you to track your measures over time, enabling you to work on improving your outcomes and giving you instant access to your current state of health.

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Will It Have GPS Capabilities?

There is also the possibility of an integrated GPS. In today’s environment, all you need is the satellite signal transmitted by your smartphone to accomplish this task. Running outside while still seeking accurate maps and statistics requires the use of a smartphone, which is problematic because of the need for precision.

It is conceivable for Xiaomi to offer two versions of their smartphone, one with GPS capabilities and one without GPS capabilities. It is not necessary for individuals to invest money in technology that they do not intend to utilize.

It was previously mentioned that the code for the Magical Unicorn leak had references to a built-in GPS (including BDS, Galileo, and GLONASS support). Does the fitness band that was discussed come in both a version with and one without GPS capabilities?

If the Mi Band 7 is ever released, GPS might be the very first feature that it offers. In most cases, the line will come equipped with a connected GPS for tracking purposes; this GPS will only utilize the GPS on your phone. People who don’t want to carry their smartphones around when they’re out and about would benefit greatly from purchasing the Mi Band 7, an excellent wearable device.

Information that has been released suggests that the Mi Band 7 will include a power-saving mode. This mode would reportedly turn off specific sensors, notifications, and other power-hungry services, such as GPS, to save the device’s battery life. An integrated GPS would call for a significantly larger battery because of its propensity to draw a significant amount of power.

This is a long shot considering that including GPS into a band like the Mi 7 would almost surely increase the price. If the Pro version becomes a reality, other differences between it and the standard version might include incorporating GPS and a larger display. It goes without saying that this is pure conjecture; however, it would be interesting to see a Standard and Pro version of the Mi Smart Band 7.

What Kind of Workout Features Does Xiaomi’s Upcoming Mi Band 7 Have in Store?

The Mi Band is an excellent choice for consumers who want a simple fitness tracker that won’t put a strain on their wallets and meets all of the requirements listed below. Even while it may not have as many functions as a Garmin or a Fitbit, it still provides quite a bit of helpful information.

The number of calories burned, levels of stress, heart rate, levels of oxygen in the blood, patterns of sleep, and other information are all included in addition to the distance walked and the number of steps taken by the user. One might anticipate all of this and much more from the seventh generation. Obviously, as new devices with cutting-edge technology and improved algorithms become available, the quality of the statistics will need to be improved as time goes on.

The data that Xiaomi provides is progressively improving in terms of both precision and breadth. For instance, the SpO2 sensor included in Gen 6 helps provide superior quality sleep breathing. Despite the recent advances that have been made in monitoring one’s heart rate, there is always room for improvement, particularly when engaging in physically demanding activity. It’s also possible that the accuracy of tracking one’s sleep could use some work.

The sole item that is lacking at this point is an altimeter. This allows for the computation of the total number of floors traversed. In the version 2022, we are anticipating seeing this for the very first time.

The Mi Band 7 is designed to be a companion for physical activity. There are going to be a lot of people who are going to be extremely interested in the variety of fitness elements that are going to be given.

According to Magical Unicorn, the Mi Band 7 also comes equipped with a power-saving feature known as “Ultra Power Saving.” By the way, the Zepp OS should be installed on the Mi Band 7, and it should be compatible with the Zepp app rather than the Mi Fit app.

Sport modes

The currently available Mi Band 6 comes with a total of thirty unique sports modes; however, we anticipate that the next Mi Band 7 will offer even more than this. Additionally, a better level of detail was added to the tracking functions.

Zumba, badminton, boxing, high-intensity interval training, and even Pilates are some of the sports that are anticipated to be included in the most recent device. It has been rumored that in addition to these new sports, there will also be enhanced health and fitness modes, as well as a wider choice of breathing exercises that will assist you in remaining calm regardless of the circumstances.

In conclusion, it is anticipated that the new gadget will provide a Personal Activity index that will function to offer you continuous blood pressure and heart rate choice. This will begin to calculate how hard your body needs to work during each activity as soon as you begin exercising, and it will turn on automatically. This is one of the expectations regarding the new device.

What Kind of Clever Features Does It Possibly Have?

Smart assistant

It is time for the system to be upgraded with more intelligent functions. However, despite widespread speculation to the contrary, the Alexa compatibility feature will not be introduced this year. It has been one year since Huami, the company that is responsible for manufacturing Xiaomi Mi Bands, added this capability to their fitness bands. There is not the slightest justification for Xiaomi to avoid doing this at all costs. However, the voice assistant that comes with the Mi Band 6 is only available in China.


It would make sense to integrate NFC in all Mi Band 7s in order to simplify the range, especially considering that the Mi Band 6 is available in both NFC and non-NFC models (with a price difference of approximately ten pounds, ten dollars, or ten euros), and the former costs more than the latter.

Because it enables you to make purchases with Google Pay without having to fumble around for your wallet, a wearable device equipped with NFC has become an absolute requirement in today’s society. You’ve just completed a run and feel parched and dehydrated. Simply by touching the rumored Mi Band 7 to the contactless payment point, you will be able to rehydrate yourself.

It would be odd if Xiaomi continued to provide two variations, given that it would be more production-friendly to have just one device that supported NFC by default rather than having two devices that did the same thing.

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After you have successfully connected your phone to the Mi Band 6, you will be able to use it to control the music playing on your phone. It would be fantastic to have built-in storage for music, but it is pretty unlikely that this will ever be achieved.

Smart alarm

The disclosures involving the Magical Unicorn are brought up once more. This, in turn, sheds light on a few clever aspects of the design. One of these functions is known as the Smart Alarm. This was a function of earlier incarnations of the Mi Band, but it was eventually taken out of production. It appears that this feature will be returning to Mi Band 7 at some time in the future.

This function will wake you up as long as you are inside a 30-minute window prior to the time that you have set for your alarm. Because it stimulates the process of waking up naturally, you should feel more refreshed after using it than you would if you were abruptly roused from a deep sleep.


There was a brief appearance on the Mi Band 4. The leak also mentions a Passcode functionality for the feature set. Using this software, a passcode can be set up to protect the data on your fitness tracker. However, none of the other Mi Bands at all featured this feature.

What Will the Price Be for the New Mi Band 7?

When purchasing a new watch, one of the most crucial considerations is the watch’s price. At a low cost in order to attract the most significant number of customers. In addition, Xiaomi puts a lot of effort into providing low-cost options that are technologically advanced. It is anticipated that the forthcoming Mi Band 7 will behave in the same manner. However, there may be a slight rise from the version before it to accommodate the new technology being integrated.

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Should You Spend Your Money on a Mi Band Watch?

When Xiaomi originally introduced its Mi Bands, many customers were understandably skeptical about whether or not the wristbands would live up to the claims made by the firm. The primary reasons behind this were the low cost of the Smartwatches and the fact that they were only available for a limited time. However, as time has progressed and technological advancements have been made, it is now abundantly evident that the Mi Band range should definitely be considered.

When the Mi Band 7 is finally made available to the public, we will be curious to find out how significantly it differs from the previous model and whether or not the rumors regarding its fitness tracking capabilities were accurate. If this is the case, we have every confidence that consumers will well receive the new product in all parts of the world.

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