EyeQue has Introduced Insight, a 20/20 Test That Can Be Performed at Home in a Short Amount of Time

EyeQue has Introduced Insight, a 20/20 Test That Can Be Performed at Home in a Short Amount of Time

California-based EyeQue has introduced a product called Insight, which is a system that allows customers to test their eyes in the comfort of their own homes. This high-tech vision screening equipment is made up of three parts: a cloud-based technology platform, an app for mobile devices, and a device that looks like interactive virtual headgear.

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Examining your eyes on a consistent basis is necessary irrespective of your age or the state of your health. Your vision may have improved or worsened since the last time you had it checked, regardless of whether or not you now wear corrective lenses. Everyone in the household may quickly and simply determine whether or not they have 20/20 vision by using this convenient, portable device.

The goggles may be placed on top of your smartphone and will guide you through a number of different tests to evaluate your visual acuity. A “tumbling E eye chart” is recognized as the gold standard in the field of vision testing. The patented design looks like the 20-foot distance that has to be kept in order to see the chart.

The capacities of the right eye, the left eye, and both eyes are evaluated after a brief examination that only takes a couple of minutes. The device will not tell you your precise prescription, but it will provide you with an approximation of the degree to which your vision is impaired. You can also give your existing pair of eyeglasses a try by wearing them to see how well they function. If you put them on and still can’t see perfectly clearly, it’s possible that your prescription has to be updated.

The EyeQue Cloud is immediately updated with each and every one of the findings from the vision test. You will then be able to monitor changes using either the web dashboard or the app, and you will be able to share this information with your physician.

Both adults and children are able to make use of EyeQue Insight. There is a game-like quiz with a cartoon host designed just for children. The device, which works with more than 800 different smartphone models, helps with both the rise of nearsightedness and the lack of eye doctors in some parts of the world.

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This is the second product that EyeQue has to offer. A couple of years ago, the industry turned to Indiegogo in order to raise funding for the development of the Personal Vision Tracker. They were successful in raising approximately $150,000. This is a home-based solution that can be purchased at a reasonable cost and is used to test spherical, cylindrical, and axial figures. These are the values that your optometrist uses to create a diagnosis for you.

The new EyeQue Insight can be bought on both Amazon and the website of the company that makes it.

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