Facts and Reviews About The Myzone MZ-Switch Fitness Smartwatch

If you put a great deal of effort into maintaining your physical fitness, you could find that the Myzone MZ-Switch is the next item of wearable tech you need to have.

The MZ-Switch claims to be the world’s first convertible heart rate monitor, and it is built to work in tandem with whichever gadget you are already utilizing in your workout routine. It utilizes both the electrocardiogram (ECG) and the photoplethysmography (PPG) technologies to give you an accuracy of 95%.

Find here all the information you require to understand this incredible tiny device completely.

What Myzone Thinks About the MZ-Switch

As I have mentioned previously, this is not a piece of equipment capable of operating on its own. Instead, it interacts with the wearable device you currently own to provide additional functionality. Because of this, a screen is not required because all it does is track the data you input.

One of the things that help to give the Myzone MZ-Switch its unique personality is the fact that it can be worn in a variety of various configurations. The user can wear this heart rate monitor on their wrist, arm, or chest, depending on which place is most suitable for them or their activity. Positions are able to be adjusted easily as rapidly as needed. It is as simple as removing the button from one strap and attaching it to the other strap in its place. After that, the device examines its internal components to identify whether it has PPG or ECG sensors.

There is now a selection of straps available in a number of different colors, some of which are black, aqua, grey, red, and purple.

The inner workings of the Myzone MZ-Internal Switch

When it comes to the various integration options that it provides, the Myzone MZ-Switch shines like a star. Utilizing Bluetooth and ANT+ technology, the device first establishes a connection with your smartphone or GPS watch to begin the process. Second, it can save up to 36 hours’ worth of workout data before requiring you to sync it with your mobile device. This is a significant advantage over other fitness trackers. In a moment, we will go into additional detail regarding that topic.

The MZ-Switch will have excellent connectivity with mobile operating systems like iOS and Android and wearable technology like the Apple Watch, Apple’s Operating System for Health Wearable Devices, Samsung’s Tizen Strava, and Garmin MapMyRun.

Another unique aspect of this heart rate monitor is the fact that it comes with its own built-in battery. It has been stated that Myzone subscribers can go up to six months without being charged for their service (as always, this depends on usage). Simply inserting it into the USB charger when it shows that it needs to be charged is all that you require at those times.

Monitoring One’s Own Fitness Level 

The MZ-Switch pays users with points not based on the number of steps they complete but instead on the amount of effort they put forth. Myzone Effort Points, sometimes abbreviated as MEP, are accumulated by users of the platform anytime they take part in any physical activity. Therefore, while it is not hard to accumulate MEPs, the number that you receive will experience a significant climb as you increase the amount of work that you put into your activity, and this rise will continue as long as you continue to participate in the activity. Competing against other people, such as friends, family, or even entire classes at gyms, is also a part of the Myzone MZ-Switch experience. The fitness industry has shown a lot of enthusiasm for this particular method of awarding prizes. They believe that it is a form of competition that provides them with a substantially more robust sense of inspiration. It is no longer necessary for participants in a class to be concerned with whether or not they are the quickest, strongest, or fittest; instead, they should concentrate on how much effort they put into the class.

The Myzone MZ-Switch is a fully submersible activity tracker that can even measure your heart rate while you are swimming. It is part of the company’s MZ-Switch line. Myzone recommends that the device be worn on the wrist when engaging in jogging, walking, or swimming. After that, you should wear it on your chest while you are engaging in more rigorous exercises, such as high-intensity interval training or weight lifting. Because an ECG delivers a reading that is 99.4 percent accurate, it is suggested that the device be worn on the chest if a remarkably accurate reading is sought. Regardless of whether the reading is for diagnostic or monitoring purposes, this is the case.

Information on Cost and Availability

Today is the first day that customers will be able to acquire the device, which can be obtained from Myzone at the cost of $159 and marks the beginning of sales of the product.


Those serious about improving their fitness and gaining a more in-depth understanding of their performance and recovery times would greatly benefit from using a device such as the Myzone MZ-Switch. Using such a device would allow them to track their performance more precisely. It is imperative that you do not lose sight of the fact that this is only a supplemental exercise apparatus. You will still need a GPS watch or a smartphone. One of the two will suffice.

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