Fad diets that you should avoid at all costs

The good weather is here and everyone is waiting for the summer to look the best type. The countdown to the “bikini operation” means, for many, practicing physical exercise and a healthy diet in just under a month. But beware! not all diets are healthy. Especially those fad diets that usually appear as the answer to your prayers: lose a lot of weight in a short time.

These studies will enable you to know what type of diet is needed in each type of training according to its intensity.

Avoid these 5 fad diets

While it is true that interest in healthy eating has increased, so is the emergence of fad diets or miracle diets. These types of diets often have little or no scientific basis, so they can even harm people’s health. Identifying them is easy. They are usually promoted by a famous person and promise impossible challenges.

As the British Dietetic Association (BDA) points out, there are currently five diets that should be avoided at all costs. These are the alkaline diet, the raw vegan diet, the ketogenic diet, the pioppi and the diet known by the model Katie Price, based on nutritional supplements.

Let’s see why experts recommend avoiding these five fad diets :

Spinach, celery, peas, pumpkin seeds, and many more foods round out the list of so-called alkaline, low-acid foods. This list is on the lips of many celebrities, such as Madonna, Victoria Becham or Gwyneth Paltrow because they believe that the pH of food helps reduce health problems.

However, from the BDA they warn of the fraud involved in any diet based only on these foods. The truth is that this diet, and all its defenders, are based on the lack of knowledge of our physiology: the pH of these foods can modify our urine pH, and not the blood.

So eating these types of foods may help us lose weight. But it will only be because we do not eat processed foods, in no case because of the pH of the food, as they claim.

Raw vegan diet: only raw vegetables

This diet maintains that the best way to lose weight is by eating raw vegetables. Although they are usually the healthiest, there is no compelling reason to think that raw foods are healthier than cooked.

What’s more, as the association of experts points out, there are certain foods that are more nutritious when cooked. So you can’t lose weight just by eating raw vegetables, it can even be harmful in the long run if you don’t establish good nutritional planning.

On the other hand, vegan foods tend to have the same calories as non-vegan foods. So it is not argued that by following such a diet you will lose weight.

Ketogenic plan, diet famous for its effectiveness

This is one of the most popular fad diets. It consists of following a diet low in carbohydrates, proteins and high in fatty foods.

When our body only ingests, mostly fatty foods, it uses them as the main source of energy. Consequently, ketone levels increase in the body. According to nutrition experts, this type of diet helps control hunger and, therefore, weight.

The truth is that it is one of the popular diets that offers the best results. It does not seriously harm your health and, indeed, you can lose weight. However, they warn that it is effective in the short term but it is difficult to maintain it for longer. This type of diet discriminates food groups, which means that not all the necessary nutrients that are so important for our body are ingested.

Pioppi diet, Mediterranean diet without Mediterranean foods

Experts do not recommend following this diet as it is based on a low carbohydrate intake and a high intake of fatty foods.

The truth is that this diet originates from an Italian town considered to be the cradle of the Mediterranean diet. However, it bans pasta, rice, and bread. They also criticize that this type of diet promotes the intake of coconut and its derivatives and fasting for 24 hours a week.

Katie Price diet, based on nutritional supplements

The central core of this fad diet are the shakes that replace all the meals of the day. These are products that suppress the appetite, which is not highly recommended.

The BDA warns that these miracle diets are based on whey protein, an ingredient that represents a very low cost for these types of companies, who seek to maximize their profits.

In short, a healthy diet is one based on a varied diet. For this reason, the Mediterranean diet, in its entirety, is the one that experts see with good eyes. It is a balanced diet, based on olive oil, vegetables, fruit, fish and cereals. Everything we need for our body to function properly.

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