FCC approves a new touchscreen sports watch from Garmin

The FCC has recently approved a new Garmin sports watch (Federal Communications Commission).

The filing was made public earlier today, as noted by the5krunner. The watch’s name and many of its specifications are not disclosed in the datasheet. It speaks of a “Body-Worn Transmitter” instead. Additionally, it can be learned that the device will have a touchscreen, a circular display, and a single physical button on the right. Additionally, it will be equipped with a BLE chip, an NFC chip for contactless payments, and an ANT+ sensor connection port.

The Forerunner 245 and Forerunner 935 plus (or 945), which are scheduled to come soonish, are unlikely to be Forerunner line devices given their design specifications. They all have two physical buttons on the right, not one, and none of them have touchscreens.

Which is better, the Fitbit Ionic or the Garmin Vivoactive 3?

The Vivoactive 3 is a watch that does meet these requirements (and Vivoactive 3 Music). Is it possible that Garmin has plans to upgrade the devices in this price range to the 3 Plus or 4? The Vivoactive 3 and its Music edition were both released in June of last year.

While the Vivomove HR similarly features a round touchscreen, it lacks a right tactile button. Of course, this may also be a completely new device, which is the second possibility.

Recently, we published a piece about the MARQ athletic watch. Garmin registered the trademark in the categories of electrical and scientific products, jewelry products, and computer and software products in June of this year. According to the supporting documents, products bearing this brand will have GPS capabilities as well as a variety of fitness and navigation sensors. An altimeter, barometer, temperature sensor, digital compass, and wireless connectivity are all notably included in the product description.

Although Garmin surprised us last year by releasing the Vivofit 4 in the final week of the year, December is not the best month to introduce new gadgets. CES 2019 in January is a more likely time for any new products to debut. The “Short Term Confidentiality Letter” from Garmin in the FCC filing requests that until January 7th, all more information concerning the device (such as pictures, the user manual, etc.) be kept secret. The commencement of CES 2019 is January 8.


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