Find focus and energy with the Niraxx Smart Headband instead of taking drugs


The Massachusetts General Hospital created the technology for the garment and licenced it to Niraxx. Key parts of the brain are illuminated by built-in near-infrared LED light modules. ATP levels and mitochondrial activity are raised as a result. Additionally, Niraxx generates pulsing parameters of 10 Hz or 40 Hz that resonate with the gamma rhythms and alpha rhythms of the brain (to have a soothing effect) (for an energizing effect).

There are many uses. According to the biotech company, the headband can enhance focus, mood, memory, and even sleep duration and quality. Increased brain blood flow and oxygenation have been shown in independent investigations.

The device should be used twice a week for a total of 20 to 40 minutes. The corresponding smartphone app allows you to control the LED light. This enables you to alter the session to produce the desired result.

Dr. Michael Hamblin, Ph.D., stated that “if brain cells are not performing efficiently, there is an influence on vitality and our mental capacities can be impacted.”

Studies have revealed that people’s attention and focus were improved right away after receiving near-infrared light therapy. We think that improving the frontal lobe will make it easier for us to manage our lives effectively and perform better at work, at home, or in social circumstances.

The headband’s reality-making Indiegogo campaign has succeeded in its mission. If you want to participate, there are still a few weeks left. Backers can anticipate receiving the brain-stimulating clothing in October if everything goes according to plan during production.

Cost: £128 and above


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