Finest Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch Faces

essential to you, but you can also customise your wristwatch to reflect your personal taste and sense of style.

Watch faces that have aesthetically pleasing designs 

Szazs Predator 

This is an excellent choice for a watch face that has two layers and can display both analogue and digital information if that’s what you’re searching for. With its dark crimson backdrop and bright red display, the Predator watch face designed by Szazs has a style that is both elegant and a little threatening. The clean white numerals and hands show out clearly against the bright red second hand, which completes the look of the clock. If red isn’t your choice, don’t worry; by double-tapping the screen, you’ll be able to cycle among several hues like orange, yellow, green, or blue, which means you may have your preferred colour shown on your wrist. There are shortcuts accessible, such as alarms, contacts, and texts, and the information that can be viewed on the screen includes the day of the week, the month, the time, as well as the user’s heart rate and the remaining battery life. In addition to that, this watch face provides an option for an always-on display, which shows the time and date in addition to other fundamental information, and it can be awoken by simply twisting the bezel.

Vakta mindon 

Again, hitting the middle of the watch face lets you cycle through various colour schemes, so you are likely to find one that you like. This watch face features a beautiful blend of colours on a black backdrop. Large colourful numerals are displayed at the 15, 30, and 45 places on the analogue display, and the battery metre is located in the display’s centre. The day, the date, the user’s heart rate, and the number of steps they have taken are all shown on the screen.

Cosmograph created by KSR 

This is a lovely watch face, and if you think it could look familiar, well, it’s relatively suggestive of a Rolex watch face, giving it the look of a luxury brand. This gives the watch a premium appearance. Once more, it is an analogue screen with silver digits and hands as well as a second hand positioned at the 6 positions. Because there is no need for any other colour alternatives, this watch face does not come in any other variations of colour. Even though the display is relatively basic, there are several useful shortcuts accessible, such as a step counter and a battery metre. In addition to that, there is the option of an always-on display. Simply said, this is a coloured version of the watch face, and you may bring it to life by spinning the bezel on the watch.

The Earth’s atmosphere 

The Atmosphere is an experience that leans toward the more futuristic side of things. The display unit is rather basic and just shows the current day, date, and time in addition to providing shortcuts to the information regarding your heart rate, steps taken, and floors climbed. Nevertheless, my favourite aspect of this watch face is the background, which depicts the rotating Earth against a starry night sky. This lends the watch a calming atmosphere, and it can be just what you need to watch at those moments when you feel overwhelmed or concerned and need to take some time off to centre yourself. The always-on display just shows the date and time, which helps preserve battery life. However, just moving the bezel will bring the display back to life, as is the case with most watch faces.

Displays for monitoring data 


This premium watch face may be right for you if the information it displays is more essential to you than how it looks. The data-heavy digital display provides a wealth of written information, including the date, time, month, pulse rate, distance walked for the day and week, respiratory rate, floors climbed, advancement towards your goal, and battery capacity. Other information that can be displayed includes the date, time, and month. There are also a number of shortcuts accessible, some of which include the alarms, the music, the settings, and the weather.


This watch face, which comes from the same developer as the one described above, also displays the same kinds of information as the one described before, but it does it in a way that is more aesthetically pleasing and up to date. It provides all of the information in digital format, but it also includes an analogue needle that is a stunning shade of red. This demonstrates that it is both digital and analogue. The information that is presented includes the date, the time, your heart rate, the number of floors you climbed, the number of steps you took, the distance you went, the alarms, and the progress you have made toward your objective. Along the upper edge of the watch face, the shortcuts are likewise represented by icons, making them easy to see.


There is somewhat of a pattern here with the MD watch faces; but, the developer (Matteo Dini, and it is easy to see why he was awarded the title of Best Designer at Samsung SDC San Francisco Sisco) does create watch faces that are visually appealing and put an emphasis on data. The MD-86 offers a number of statistics, like the number of steps walked and floors climbed, the number of calories burnt, the distance travelled, and the user’s heart rate, but it does so in a very straightforward and uncluttered manner. This watch face is ideal for individuals who want to check how they are doing with just a short glance and has a vibe that is almost athletic about it, in contrast to some of the other panels, which can appear a little overloaded with data. You have the ability to change the colour that is shown, and similar to the majority of other watch faces, you have access to a number of shortcuts.

The colour HR Pulse White 

Moving away from the MD range, the HR Pulse White watch face is an animated display that is fantastic for delivering numerous insights into your health statistics. Although we could construct a full list simply of these, we decided to move away from the MD range. Therefore, the design does not provide a great deal of room for modification; nonetheless, the data is what is vital for this area, and the colour scheme of white and monochromatic works quite well. In addition to the animated images for your heart rate and remaining battery life that we stated before, the data that is supplied also includes your ultimate objective, step count, floors climbed, amount of water consumed, number of calories burnt, and distance travelled. All of this was accomplished without the screen appearing overly intricate or crowded.

Unique watch faces 

The Force-C in Animated Form 

This premium watch face features an awesome animation and comes at no additional cost. This gives your Samsung the appearance of a skeleton watch, which may appeal to you if you enjoy the aesthetic of skeleton watches. You have the ability to change the colour of the gears, and even if the always-on display is active, it will not deplete your battery since the animation and gears will stop, leaving you with only the essential information. The days of the week are shown in the form of a gear; nevertheless, it might be difficult to make out the position of the analogue hands. The watch face, however, is what really stands out here in terms of its attractiveness and originality.


If you have a passion for fish and everything associated with them, then this complimentary watch face could be the one for you. If you are feeling stressed out, you can use the beautiful animated aquarium background as a way to take some time out during the day and utilise it in conjunction with breathing exercises. This is a terrific approach to reducing stress. In addition to the fundamental details, a very straightforward and uncluttered digital format presents information on the user’s step count and heart rate. In addition, you may switch to a static picture by pressing the screen, which will bring you the most recent still photographs of the aquarium.

Passengers Watch 

The vast majority of watch faces provide access to app shortcuts; nevertheless, the Passengers’ watch face goes above and beyond this standard by featuring a stunning 3D animation design. You can quickly access your phone calls, alerts, music, weather, maps, and more with the help of the eight shortcuts that are shown on the watch face. The display itself has a design that is reminiscent of the future, and it presents the most important information in the digital format. In addition to this, a moving image of space is superimposed over the whole thing. Again, the always-on screen is helpful for saving battery life because it disables animation and shows only the most important data.

Retro Games 

If you’re a fan of classic video games, then one of them could be right up your alley. Even if they don’t display much more than the essential information, the animation is really sophisticated and is ideal for demonstrating that you have a passion for old-school gaming. In addition to this, they are complimentary, so if you are unsure whether or not to use them, you have nothing to lose by giving them a go.

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