Fitbit Blaze: Hot or Not?

Fitbit is a smartwatch market leader, with sleek hardware and a thorough awareness of fitness trends. They also understand how the physical body will react to exercise. As a result, the Fitbit Blaze has been marketed as an all-in-one fitness gear that goes beyond the typical smartwatch.


Despite its relatively hefty price tag, the Blaze was hailed to be among the most famous wristbands on the supply chain when it was released in 2018. (at the time). Many people were curious as to how it differed from alternatives like the Apple Watch as well as other Fitbit devices.

Fitbit, on the other hand, stated that the Blaze provided the ultimate fitness experience. In addition, consumers get a slew of new benefits in exchange for their money. It does, in fact, have a lot of amazing capabilities. These are:

  • Keep records of your footsteps, mileage travelled, calorie expenditure, floors ascended, as well as exercise periods.
  • Accept and take phone calls and Text messages, and sync your schedule with your cell phone over Bluetooth.
  • Settings for a variety of sports are easily customizable (including fitness, ?biking, Crossfit and boating)
  • Gps tracking to produce maps that can be used
  • Wristbands are replaceable and come in two designs and colours.
  • Display that may be customised
  • Coaching sessions tailored to your needs
  • Design that is long-lasting
  • Battery life of up to 5 days
  • There are two sizes available (5.5 – 6.7 inches and 6.7 – 8.1 inches).
  • Touchscreen HD colour LCD (240 x 180 pixels)

Pros and Cons

  • A tracking system that is dependable
  • Tactful - the Fitbit Blaze is 1.2 inches in diameter and looks rather like a timepiece than a standard fitness tracker due to its style.
  • Colour display - the colour screen function adds a new dimension to the Fitbit – the luxurious and brilliant colour display distinguishes it from prior Fitbit models.
  • Compatibility — The Blaze works on both iPhones and Android devices.
  • The battery life is adequate.
  • A wide range of straps is available.
  • An App that is simple to use
  • The setup is simple and easy.

Its major cons are that it has no locating satellite system built into it. It is not water-resistant and its software has no way of troubleshooting to fix itself in case of crashes. 


If you’re searching for a worn activity tracker, the Fitbit Blaze is a good option, albeit Fitbit’s branding is a touch confusing. The Blaze may appear to be a smartwatch, but it isn’t one.

Although the high-resolution colour screen, long battery life (up to five days), and appealing appearance are all positives, hardcore exercise lovers may be frustrated with the lack of an in-built Geolocation as well as the knowledge that it is not weatherproof.

So, if you’re searching for mid-to-high-end workout gear, this Fitbit product won’t let you down.

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