Fitbit Collabs with LifeScan for Glucose Tracking

Fitbit Collabs with LifeScan for Glucose Tracking

Today, Fitbit launched blood glucose tracking to its iOS and Android mobile applications as part of a rollout of the feature. After becoming a part of Google’s hardware business at the beginning of the year, this is a substantial update that the company has received since the acquisition. The hardware of the Fitbit Sense has also undergone some relatively small modifications, one of which is the addition of an electrocardiogram (ECG) feature. Now, to connect its health tracking applications with the glucose monitoring devices manufactured by LifeScan, Fitbit has partnered with that company. The goal is to assist people with diabetes in better managing their condition.

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This collaborative effort

Officials from Fitbit have stated that during the course of the partnership’s many years, people with diabetes will be provided with various tools and information. These will provide a comprehensive picture of how lifestyle factors like exercise, nutrition, and sleep affect blood sugar levels. [citation needed] [Citation needed]

According to Elizabeth Holt, M.D., who serves as the head of global medical, clinical, and safety at LifeScan, diabetes is one of the most prevalent health concerns people face in the 21st century. She went on to note that in order for patients to take proper care of their diabetes, they need an easy way to monitor their glucose levels, as well as their food, their activity level, and their weight.

Because best practices will determine the future of healthcare delivery, leading companies have adopted a strategy known as the platform approach.

According to what she had to say, “Connecting OneTouch blood glucose monitoring data with Fitbit Fitness tools and insights is a huge step in leading patients to positive lifestyle choices that support improved health outcomes.”

Other collaborative endeavors

Diabetes patients will receive assistance with behavioral modifications from the medical device manufacturer LifeScan, thanks a partnership with the weight loss application Noom. More than 20 million individuals use LifeScan’s products. Both blood sugar levels and weight will be easier to control as a result of this.

The OneTouch Reveal app, which incorporates glucose monitoring, will be available to patients who have diabetes. In addition to this, as a result of a partnership with Fitbit, it can establish connections between individuals and medical specialists. In addition, each member will receive a Fitbit Inspire 2 watch in addition to access to Fitbit Premium. This includes a large number of different activities, a variety of different guided programs, and individualized insights within the Fitbit health metrics dashboard.

In a nutshell, these programs are designed to aid people with diabetes in increasing their physical activity, lowering their stress levels, improving their quality of sleep, and improving their diet.

In addition, users can link the OneTouch Reveal and Fitbit applications on their respective devices. They will be able to view data from their OneTouch blood glucose monitor alongside measurements from their Fitbit. According to the firms, they would do this by giving the customers the opportunity to access all of their information across both apps.

“Our goal is to develop a tool that both consumers and healthcare providers can use to inspire behavior change, provide a more comprehensive picture of health and Fitness between appointments, and ultimately to help prevent disease,” said Amy McDonough, managing director and general manager of Fitbit Health Solutions at Google, in a statement.

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By the beginning of 2022, healthcare providers and payers will be able to use the service as an alternative for reimbursement for claims adjudication. The launch is scheduled for the fall of 2021 in the United States.

“The combination of services provided by OneTouch and Fitbit will assist patients in achieving their goals,” said Val Asbury, president, and chief executive officer of LifeScan, in a statement. Whether it be maintaining a healthy blood sugar level, increasing their level of physical activity, or improving their diet.”

According to figures provided by the CDPC, between 33 and 50 percent of patients with diabetes experience anxiety regarding their health. This includes the overpowering sentiments that may cause people to refuse to monitor their blood sugar or miss visits with healthcare specialists.

A Fitbit may result in even higher decreases in fasting blood sugar, hemoglobin A1c, and LDL cholesterol, according to recent clinical research on diabetic intervention programs in Taiwan.

Wearable technology company Fitbit, which Google acquired in January, has been working on expanding its presence in the medical field. They have accomplished this by marketing the devices as helpful tools that may be used to monitor various medical conditions, such as irregular heart rhythms.

Fitbit’s most recent wristwatch was granted certification as a medical device in the United States and Europe in September. This comes as the company gets ready to compete with consumer wearables that can monitor heartbeats and provide ECG readings, such as the Apple Watch. Provides the ability to make full use of its ECG app, which can assist in diagnosing cases of atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heart rhythm.

The company has also recently used data from Fitbit to explore how an infection with COVID-19 impacts a person’s ability to exercise, sleep, and have a normal resting heart rate.

Competing brands

The $52 billion health wearables sector has been experiencing explosive growth ever since Amazon released the Amazon Halo fitness tracker in 2017. The wearable device sold by Amazon features common tasks such as activity and sleep monitoring. However, it also includes some unique ones. Instruments that measure body fat and tone of voice are included as indicators of overall health.

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Withings, a French company that is most well-known for its connected consumer health products, has been working on expanding its offers related to healthcare. During the previous decade, the company has incorporated capabilities of a medical grade into a variety of typical home goods, including watches, scales, and mattresses.

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