Fitbit offers pre-orders for the Luxe gorjana designer collection

You’re wearing a fitness tracker on your wrist, so why not dress it up a little? Today, pre-orders for the Luxe gorjana designer line by Fitbit were made available to customers. The announcement’s timing was carefully chosen so that it would coincide with Mother’s Day in the United States, which is observed on May 9th.

The wearables maker with headquarters in San Francisco is giving its fitness tracker lineup a glimmer of metallic luster. A couple of weeks ago, Luxe was introduced to the public. This is by far the most attractive tracker that Fitbit offers, and that’s saying something considering it doesn’t even have the expensive gorjana designer aesthetic. The technical specifications are also rather respectable.

Fitness tracking and other health-related features are included in abundance in the Luxe model. This consists of the standard steps, distance, sleep tracking, support for twenty different sports modes, oxygen saturation monitoring, stress management tools, and more.

The fact that all of this is crammed into a design that is both thin and appealing is the unique aspect of this. On the gorgeous AMOLED touchscreen display, you can keep track of your progress and view the notifications from your smartphone simultaneously. The water-resistant fitness tracker can last for approximately five days on a single charge, which is a fairly respectable amount of time for something of this size with a high-resolution screen.

The Luxe gadget is meant for both men and women, but the new gorjana range is aimed straight toward the female market. It transforms the appearance of your tracker so that it seems like a stunning piece of jewelry. Possibly a present for your mother on Mother’s Day, or one for your significant other.

A Parker Links Bracelet series can be purchased in either stainless steel with a soft gold finish or stainless steel with a platinum finish. Pre-orders of the line can be placed on Fitbit’s website today for $99. The orders are expected to ship around the middle of June.

Please keep in mind that this is the cost of the bracelet. You will still be responsible for forking out the additional $150 required to purchase the real Luxe tracker with intelligent components.

Having said that, there are designer solutions available at a lower cost. This contains the Luxe Premium Horween Leather Double Wrap ($49.95) as well as the Luxe Classic Band ($29.95). The Luxe Stainless Steel Mesh retails for $79.95. Luxe Woven bands can be purchased for $34.95. There are several customization options available so that the Fitbit Luxe can be tailored to your personal taste.

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