Fitbit Ulta Smartwatch: Sleek and Compact

The FitBit Alta has a sleek and appealing appearance that brings FitBit’s product line firmly into the year 2019, and the FitBit app is there to support all of the device’s many capabilities. The FitBit Alta is an excellent choice for anyone looking to stay on top of their fitness goals. The device, however, is not exactly a bargain considering that it costs approximately £65, and there are several design decisions that, at the very least, may be classified as being controversial.

The FitBit Alta is one of the several wristband trackers that FitBit offers; the price of this particular model has decreased since it was first introduced in 2016, and despite its widespread adoption, it is not without flaws.

Principal Attributes

The most eye-catching characteristic of the FitBit Alta is, without a doubt, its design, which is elegant, lightweight, and quite contemporary. In addition to this, it has several useful functions for monitoring one’s fitness level; the complete list of details and specifications can be found here:

  1. Those looking for a straightforward experience will like the modern simplicity of the design.
  2. Slender and lightweight, these shoes can be effortlessly slid on and look well with activewear and casual clothing.
  3. Bands that may be customized to let you simply achieve the style and feel that you want.
  4. The Smart Track feature may automatically keep tabs on the different kinds of physical activity you partake in, such as running, walking, cycling, and rowing.
  5. Water-resistant, so it can be worn even in the shower or while it’s pouring outside.
  6. Constructed to last through a variety of different types of outdoor activities.
  7. Maintain a record of every aspect of your fitness journey, including your calorie burn, changes in weight, monitoring of your heart rate, and sleep tracking.
  8. Thanks to the straightforward and user-friendly UI, you may begin monitoring your fitness immediately.
  9. The OLED display is clear, uncluttered, and simple to operate.
  10. Battery life of up to five days at a time.

What more is there to love about the Fitbit Alta?

In-built fitness tracking software called SmartTrack keeps you motivated and celebrates every time you achieve a new goal and send you friendly reminders to get moving – all without requiring you to use your Smartphone. A simple connection to other aspects of your life, such as your calendar, notifications from social media, and text message alerts, are also included as additional benefits. The Fitbit Alta may be worn all day and night without any discomfort. sendSmartphoneThe FitBit app can be used on a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

This smartwatch comes in either black or stainless steel, and you can choose from a variety of straps for even more personalization options.

There is a lot to admire in the Alta, and FitBit launched this model to show off their innovative design skills while at the same time making it one of their most affordable devices. As a result, there are some beautiful features to admire, but there are also a few drawbacks that are important to take into account.

What we like

  1. An All-in-one fitness tracker monitors your steps, heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and activity times; it automatically monitors your sleep and activity; this device will meet all of your requirements and begin your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.
  2. A sophisticated sleep tracker that monitors not only when you are asleep and for how long but also the various subtypes of sleep that you engage in (restless, REM, and deep).
  3. The design is sleek, narrow, and surprisingly lightweight for such a modern product.
  4. Pleasantly relaxing against the skin.
  5. The availability of customization choices makes it simple to give the outfit a personal touch.
  6. One of the most reasonably priced options available from FitBit, coming in at less than 65 pounds.
  7. Incredible battery life, with up to 5 days of use possible.
  8. Simple in both installation and operation.
  9. A sturdy band that is both comfortable and able to fit closely against the skin.
  10. There are no physical buttons; all interactions are handled by tapping.

What we don’t like

  1. Because it is not watertight and has only moderate water resistance, you shouldn’t wear it while swimming or submerge yourself in the bathtub or shower.
  2. The touch function is not as streamlined as the aesthetics would suggest, and it occasionally takes a while to respond. This is not ideal when you need a speedy response and good sensitivity while you are moving around.
  3. In comparison to a traditional smartwatch, the limited real estate of the display means that only a subset of the available data may be shown simultaneously (rather than a fitness band).
  4. Sometimes the monitoring is off or imprecise, for as, when it incorrectly interprets the number of steps taken during an arm workout or something similar.
  5. Chargers with a clamp design are bulkier and less user-friendly than those with a micro USB port or magnet.

What It All Comes Down To

There is always an opportunity for improvement, and this is true for each new iteration of every fitness wearable. This is true for each new piece of technology.

Even though it might not be ideal for measuring intense exercises or lesser-known sports and activities, the FitBit Alta is a good model for those who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a decent fitness tracker. And even though it might not be ideal for measuring intense exercises or lesser-known sports and activities, the average person will get everything they need from the band, if not any more than this.

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