Fitness tracking toe rings with Vedic text benefits? Why not?

Mettis Ring is a smart toe-ring concept for ladies that contains fitness and health tracking elements based on Hinduism’s oldest books, the Vedic scriptures.

Let’s be clear about this right away so there’s no confusion. These rings do not exist in reality. However, this is an intriguing idea that we hope to see implemented in a real-world product one day.

Anshuman Kumar, the designer, completed an academic internship at Titan, a well-known watch and jewelry firm in India. It was completed as part of his master’s degree at the National Institute of Design. The Mettis Ring is a smart toe-ring for women that also functions as a fitness and health tracker.

The beautiful design is inspired by the traditional significance of jewels in India. Toe rings in pairs are worn as a mark of wedded status in Hindu traditions. This is why the Mettis is only available in pairs.

Silver toe rings absorb beneficial energy from the soil and convey it to the wearer, according to Ayurveda. They also eliminate negative energy. For those who are unfamiliar, Ayurvedic knowledge started in India over 5,000 years ago and is regarded by some as the oldest healing science.

These toe rings are not composed of silver, but they do have certain health benefits. They contain the same technology that is used in other fitness devices. The rings may measure body temperature and heart rate, in addition to steps, distance, sleep, and other data. Female health tracking is also available, allowing women to keep track of their menstrual cycles.

Mettis Rings are intended to be worn continuously. The 5 ATM water resistance eliminates the need to remove them when bathing, and they can also be used to track swimming.

Despite the fact that sensors are housed inside, the Mettis has a gorgeous look. This is what makes it so intriguing. The rings are metallic in appearance and are housed in one of two sleek, matte black cases that can be used for on-the-go charging. There is no visible display. Instead, the proposal envisions a miniature RGB LED indicator to display battery levels and other information.

Because smart rings are a thing, the technology for such a ring already exists. While smart rings are not yet widely available, there is a good range available. Motiv, Ringly, and Oura ring are the most well-known.

Mettis Ring is an intriguing notion. We hope that the designer, Anshuman Kumar, receives financing to make this product a reality one day!

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